Computers Seen Selling Briskly in Holiday Season

Computers Seen Selling Briskly in Holiday Season: "Personal computers are likely to be among this holiday season's best-selling gifts as consumers upgrade to higher-performance systems and switch to notebook PCs, but the highest demand is coming from outside the United States.

Helge: The global market is growing. New users are emerging.

Sales are being driven by falling component prices, entertainment applications such as games, videos and music, growing demand for portable machines and consumer adoption of Microsoft Corp's Windows Vista operating system.

Helge: Price as a driving force. More people can afford.

Those trends are stoking sales of computers from Hewlett-Packard Co, Dell Inc, Apple Inc and Acer Inc, among others, according to researchers. A weaker dollar is helping drive sales in Europe. 'A lot of laptops go with the gifts under the trees,' said Gregory Spierkel, chief executive of Ingram Micro Inc, the world's largest distributor of PCs and computer products, in a recent interview.

Helge: The weak dollar is boosting sales.

'We're seeing pretty good progress with notebooks across the board,' Spierkel said. 'I see that trend continuing for the current quarter.'

Helge: Laptops.

Computers topped holiday wish lists in a recent survey by the Consumer Electronics Association, beating out peace and happiness, big-screen TVs, clothes and money, in that order."

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