Europe's Tech Startup Boom

Helge: The old continent seems to get a grasp about the new. Innovative start-ups are emerging around Europe. Business Week writes about the New Europe.

Europe's Tech Startup Boom: "There's plenty more startups like Garlik emerging in Europe these days, fueling a tech-investing boom not seen on the Continent since the dot-com days.

Successful serial entrepreneurs, cutting-edge technology, flush venture capital backing, and unfettered access to a continental talent pool: That quintessential Silicon Valley alchemy, once missing in Europe, is now powering venture investment to record levels.

Venture funds raised last year for startups and early-stage companies in Europe rose 60%, to $23.5 billion, according to data released June 12 by the European Venture Capital Assn.—the second-highest level since the record 22 billion euros raised in 2000."
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