SmartPhoneToday: News: Apple, O2 to Launch iPhone in UK on Friday

Helge: Apple in Europe.

SmartPhoneToday: News: Apple, O2 to Launch iPhone in UK on Friday: "Apple, O2 to Launch iPhone in UK on Friday By James Alan Miller November 6, 2007 Click to View This Friday at 6:02 folks in the UK will become the first people outside the U.S. to 'officially' get a chance to purchase the iPhone. It'll go for £269 (about $538) - including VAT - with a 18 month contract from mobile operator O2. As Apple is doing on this side of the pond, it’ll limit sales to e two iPhones per person.

Helge: UK to start with iPhone...

In addition to being available from O2, you'll be able to buy the iPhone directly from Apple and at Carphone Warehouse stores. That's a total of 1,300 locations and online. Tariffs (data plans) start at £35 per month for 200 minutes voice, 200 SMS messages and unlimited data, going up to £45 ($90) for 600 minutes and 500 messages and £55 ($110) for 1200 minutes and 500 messages.

Helge: The price, the plan and the unlimited data...

All plans also include unlimited use of The Cloud Wi-Fi network, located in over 7,500 cafes, restaurants, airport lounges, pubs and other locations in the UK. iPhone activation will require an Internet connection; an iTunes Store account or a major credit card; the latest version of iTunes; and a PC or Mac with a USB 2.0 port. O2's currently has 17.8 million customers. No doubt it is hoping the iPhone will boost those number..."

Helge: WiFi networks, we need more of them...

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