The evolution of the Mobile TMBC service model

I've been looking back on blogs and html-pages from 2005 and 2004. The mobile service unit figures in the pictures, but the content isn't there yet.

It took two more years to get the TMBC embedded.

The signs are clear. The idea of an innovative Road Service Concept was there. We even visited the relevant industrial sites.

Nevertheless, the solution wasn't in traditional video- and audio communication, even though they will be a part of the whole. We make invisible microbes visible with PMEU and the TMBC Mobile concept becomes an indispensable decision support tool.

Mobility has a core meaning in this service. One unit should support 10 to 15 operational units on annual basis. It would be too expensive to have all the tools and devices installed and applied at each individual site. The cost of personnel has also to be counted.
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