Henly Shelton Sales Process Engineering

Helge: Added the new information about Henly here. I'll write more later. We used to work together at the end of 70's and beginning of 80's.

Todd Youngblood and Sales Process Engineering: "Henly Shelton Managing Partner

Henly Shelton is obsessed with customer care tied to sales productivity. His 30-year career in Executive Management, Sales, Marketing and Consulting has focused on selling value not hype. He began his career with US Filter where his sales work gained him the attention of a Finnish company looking to establish an office in the US. He started as area manager and he exceeded his quota in each of those years. He was rapidly promoted to Vice President of sales then to the position of President for North American operations. Henly’s focus on solution selling and customer care has been the key to his success.

In 1989, Henly successfully established and operated an intelligent sensor company that developed technology for the pulp and paper market. Henly met the challenges of a start up, such as cash flow management for the little guy, keeping the boat on course and learning how to stay on top when the bottom is falling out. He grew the business to over $3 million in sales, and sold it for a profit to ABB. After the success of his first start up Henly launched another, this time in the software industry. He learned many new lessons such as when to hire, when to fire and don’t chase technology for technology’s sake. He was able to repeat his success and sold to Americo holdings."

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