Labor Shortage

How Retailers Cope
with Labor, Overseas Suppliers,
and other Forces Beyond Their Control

Every industry is dealing with labor shortages. At least that’s a problem where they can gain some control by applying automation. The world of retail requires a bit more creativity to deal with things outside their control—mainly, seasonality and an unpredictable overseas supply chain.

Helge: This world is complex. We've companies closing factories and moving abroad, to China, India, Asia, Africa and South-America. On the other hand is the speech about labor shortage.

This webcast will present how retailers are applying materials handling technologies and closing gaps in their information supply chains to improve inventory management and make better use of available labor.

Helge: Have to check it out...

Modern’s editors will present highlights and analysis from their recent survey of retailers, then John Seidl of Kurt Salmon Associates will offer his thoughts on what professionals in all industries can learn from the best practices applied in retail. Finally, Glenn Broderick of J. Jill, a leading retailer who was facing many of these issues, will present a case-specific analysis of solutions.

Helge: Retailing is still very labor intensive

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