Merida Yucatan Mexico :

Merida Yucatan Mexico : "Merida is the capital city of the state of Yucatan. Known as 'White City' because of the large use of white limestone and white paint this traditional city depicts much of the splendor of Colonial Mexico.

This is by no means to say that Merida still exists in a time warp and the contrary could be said. There is old and new exhibited in everything from fashion to architecture.

Helge: Olli wrote today that he is in Merida.

The Spanish Conquistador Francisco de Montejo founded present day Merida in 1542. An insight into the horrendous pain and suffering of the people who were brutalized by the conquering conquistadors exists in magnificent paintings that are on display in the Governor's Palace located in downtown Merida.

Helge: They will return to Toluca.

Left in seclusion for many years because of the difficulty of traveling to Merida the people of this region have cultivated a distinct contemporary society that is unique in Mexico.

Merida is a safe place to visit and the people are warm and friendly. I asked a friend once about crime in Merida and he simply stated that there was no place to run there.

Being such a close-knit society I took it to mean that violent acts of crime are simply not committed here that often because they are more or less one big family..."

Helge: Need to think about that...

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