On the road mobile service clinic TMBC

Loviisa, Finland December 2, 2007 — Today, "IBM TMBC PMEU ATP Mobile Service and Industry Partners kick off the Mobile P&P Tour.

This will be a multiple-city, nationwide tour that showcases exciting developments in mobile microbiology and biotechnology services.


At the center of the tour is a rolling Mobile Service Unit packed with the latest TMBC and PMEU tools, wireless online communication, research and service personnel and wild card monitorin technologies, including a selection of diagnostic devices available for demonstrations. We aloso show poroducts that will be available in the near future.

The products and technologies on display in the Mobile TMBC Unit present a unified solution for customers who are ready to sign IBM TMBC Mobile Service Contracts .

The Mobile Tour will introduce customers to the advantages of TMBC connected to the Support Center with wireless networks. We give them the chance to experience currently available weak signals monitoring and diagnostic devices and learn about forthcoming products.

We're spreading the word by inviting customers to visit us on the Mobile Services Tour to evaluate these technologies, service models and devices firsthand.

They can come down and tour the trailer, watch demonstrations of products, participate in conferences, and talk with our partner representatives.

This is a great opportunity for customers to discover the benefits of knowledge networks and devices and learn more about what's on the horizon for TMBC mobile problem solving for the P&P&B Industries.

For several days at each stop, the tour will offer a series of informative and imaginative events designed to fuel the interest of senior executives, PM decision-makers, forestry professionals and other potential users.

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