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Debates | Facebook: "Be at the center of the discussion | Facebook’s vast and interconnected community presents a fantastic opportunity to engage in meaningful debates on the social and political challenges that define our era.

Debates on Facebook is a user-generated discussion utility that allows you to spark and share debates that transcend geographic boundaries and political affiliations.

Our mission is to give a voice and a figurative megaphone to this politically underestimated online community and to bring more meaning to your experience on Facebook.

Debates on Facebook seeks to accelerate the process of debate and expand the diversity of perspectives brought to bear on as wide a range of social and political issues as possible.

Who’s behind this?

Debates on Facebook was built by the creators of, a social media platform that brings together individuals, non-profit organizations and socially responsible businesses in the common goal of driving social change.

Since its beta-launch in September 2007, Rethos has been joined by a growing cadre of non-profit organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and Rainforest Alliance, as well as leading environmental and social activists such as Michael Oppenheimer and Cornell West.

Launching Debates on Facebook is a continuation of Rethos’ efforts to use viral marketing and online social networking to accelerate progress.
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