Google Revamps iPhone Push

Google Revamps iPhone Push: "Google today made another mobile announcement, but it's related to Apple's iPhone, rather than the much-hyped Open Handset Alliance (OHA) it sponsors.

The company introduced improvements to the suite of Web applications it offers for the device -- Search, Gmail, Calendar and Reader. Google began offering the suite only last month.

As indicated by its latest iPhone efforts, Google still has ambitions to support mobile platforms beyond those it's leading.

With the OHA, Google aims to create an open development platform for mobile devices, so applications can run without the complicated pre-qualification process developers have to go through today with most carriers.

The first handsets by OHA partners and powered by Google's Android software aren't expected till later this year.

Until then, the company seems content to support other vendors' mobile platforms, such as the Apple iPhone, of which it was an early supporter."
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