International CES Straight Talk: Flickr: International CES / Twitter: CES2008

International CES Straight Talk: Flickr: International CES / Twitter: CES2008: "Media is growing to new outlets, and the International CES recognizes that. That's why we've put together this blog, Straight Talk, and we're also working with other media/social applications available on the Internet. Along with our YouTube channel cesonthetube, we're created Flickr and Twitter accounts.

Helge: CES = Computer Electronics Show

Our (CES) official show photographers have taken some great images of the show floor, keynotes, press conferences, and exhibit booths. You can see them all on our Flickr account: International CES.

CES is using Twitter for the first time this year too. Our username is CES2008, and you can follow us here: We'll be providing updates throughout the show, and will continue to do so afterwards. Special shout-out to Veronica Belmont - thanks for your help with this!

We also have widgets on the right side of Straight Talk for our accounts on YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter. Check back for regular updates on everything CES!"

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