Reliability, Planning, Scheduling

Removing Barriers to Reliability by N. Eric Matthews, P.E. Production Manager, Allen Steam Station, Duke Energy, and Arne Skaalure, Project Manager, RMG

Effective planning and scheduling
are foundational elements
for successful work management

Well-defined and implemented planning and scheduling processes ensure that a plant’s most important work will be done safely, efficiently and at the right time.

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Work exceeding Estimated vs. Actual Hours targets is flagged, categorized and documented by technicians in the CMMS. These exceptions are reviewed weekly at a Barrier Meeting and assigned to plant personnel responsible for removing identified barriers.

Barriers such as:
  1. incomplete planning,
  2. incorrect parts,
  3. poor communication or coordination, s
  4. cope creep, etc., result in unsafe situations, a frustrated workforce, plus a 10 - 20% productivity loss.
With a clear focus on safety and asset reliability, Duke’s planning and scheduling processes are sustainable and continuously improving because the Barrier Process energizes the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle for reliability.
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