Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Production, Social Networking Experts, Paid Search

Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Production, Social Networking Experts, Paid Search: "Making Your Mark with a Flexible Plan"

Let me present: giovanni gallucci, Search & Social Media Evangelist

giovanni gallucci pprovides strategy for new developments in social media, search, and technology for clients and functions as a strategic representative to top internet personalities and forward-thinking companies looking to break new ground in social media.

Helge: How do I know about him? Twitter is the answer. There are about six billion people and their stories on this global warming earth. I just know and network with a tiny part of them. The Finnish Nokia does a much better job. A billion and more are using their mobile phones.

giovanni is a founding partner of Dallas-based online marketing firm DexterityMedia, is on the faculty of providing training on podcastng and social media, created the social media website directory,, produces inspired videos for HopeShow.TV posts “almost daily” on his blog, and posts "less than daily...a lot less than daily" on his video blog at

Helge: Petri J. Salonen is working in Dallas. He is a high-tech entrepreneur who wrote a book about making it big in USA.

A lasting impression is hard to come by in interactive marketing. Things are moving fast. No one surfs the web anymore. They hunt. And not just on the search engines. They do it in communities, within networks and with their own media. You've got to be fast as well as flexible in order to attract them.

Helge: 100 - 200 visitors (people, hopefully) come to my pages and blogs. How many are really reading? Who are my followers? I don't know.

At DexterityMedia, an interactive advertising, marketing and public relations company based in Dallas, TX, we not only keep up with our sector and the industry at large, we provide our clients with ways to catch the attention of the hunters. We do this through SEO, SEM, PPC, and social media strategies that evolve with their needs. Adapting to the market is how you remain in the hunt.

Helge: Adapting to the market... I guess that's what I've been doing.

A successful blend of marketing, technology, strategy and creative is what we strive to achieve. The proper mix is hard to come by in the search engine marketing and search engine optimization industries, but at DexterityMedia, we're finding what works and constantly perfecting it."

Helge: Most of my readers come through search engines. Some find me on Twitter and Jaiku. Facebook, I don't know.

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