Global Spares Exchange

Index: "Global Spares Exchange is a unique service that provides its worldwide process manufacturing membership with a combination of timely, cost effective procurement, inventory optimization and methodology for asset recovery / disposal of critical spares"

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GSE supplies via the SaaS method its Patented, Web 2.0 technology that will provide all of your sites, who are enrolled members, with SOS™ FREE of charge. SOS™ is the "Process Worlds" leading Optimization process. You will be able to utilize SOS™ to:

  • Optimize Critical spares
  • Identify excess for asset recovery initiatives
  • Scientifically identify and provide a list of deficient items for procurement
  • Search a central database of other enrolled sites within your organization:

a) That have been SOS™ analyzed as safe for disposal to internal or external 3rd Party sites

b) and review all Spares Member wide within your Company

In Addition. By using a combination of the features of modern technology, with good old-fashioned service, GSE’s service personnel can access, source and match that vital spare in the fastest, most efficient and least expensive method. As a GSE member site, anywhere in the world, you can submit a request for a spare (s) to GSE’s team of professionals via our website, email, fax or phone.

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Your GSE service representatives, after confirming details of the request, will proceed to process your request (s) by searching our repository of over 2,000 client process spares databases, as well as our own GSE master database.
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