SVII Innovation Society: Innovation Culture

SVII Innovation Society: "Innovation Culture. Societies are a critical element contributing to culture. Innovators are a distinct group sometimes working alone and for larger projects in groups. What they all share is the creative process and the angst that often accompanies it.

The gestation period followed by some type of manifesting is effortless at times but impossible at others. It knows no boundaries - people in the arts, sciences and business all go through the same steps.

This can be made easier by sharing experiences and solutions. Professional organizations do this in every field, now the Innovation field has a professional organization to call it's own.
Silicon Valley is unique in the world in terms of innovation

The number of patents issued in the region known as Silicon Valley loosely ranging from South San Francisco to San Jose is greater per capita than any place in the world. The number of companies that have been founded based upon these technologies and funded in Silicon Valley is equally disproportionate.

This wealth generation magnet has attracted talent from the entire globe. The great aggregation of wealth, talent and ideas rivals Florence and Ancient Greece, two other places where an unprecedented flowing of human potential occurred."
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