The Tessler Electric Car

They are taking a ride in the first production car Tessler. Tessler is freaking awesome for an electric car with a lot of torque. It has the highest 30 to 70 miles acceleration of a car ever made (tested). Scobleizer and Jason Calacanis are making a mobile blog (Weblog) about this car with an aluminum extrusion body and carbon fiber top.

This is blog is a scripting of the online videoblogging made by Robert Scobleizer about Tesla Motors. Jason Calacanis is driving a yellow Corvette on the side. The Teslar is accelerating very fast. Scobleizer is making the interview as they are driving.

News travel fast. Innovations can be covered as they are made. This car is in production already and over 900 have been sold. The sports car costs about 100 000 dollars. Jason Calacanis has bought one. Jason is an serial entrerprenur and owner of Mahaloo. Scobleizer is probably the worlds' best know technology blogger and Loic LeMeur is Europe's best know blogger now living in USA and developing the video start-up Seesmic.


The owner of the company used to ha a McLaren F1 to drive around with
This one [Tessler] is running on a battery
Tessler has really good driving around economy (extra miles with economy wide)
Tessler is doing some upgrades making the driving economy even better

"This is only two speed transmission," the driver tells
Swithching to single speed in the fortune...
The Corvette on the side is driven by Jason Calacanis (Mahaloo)

It has a toe mode (whatever that means)
Looks like carbon fiber
It's much better than any other car with pretty good margin
What feels like motor breaking recaptures the energy of motion turning to a break

Acceleration of this car has the feeling as a Boeing airplane has
Breaking the speed limit while testing
It is awesome, compared to a gasoline superpower, this one has got better response

It makes no noise (silent driving)
This one is running on battery that lasts for 100 000 miles
It has two driving modes: Economy mode and High speed

AC on Headlights on you can go 200 miles
Jason Calacanis in the Corvette wants to have one
Cost of charging the batteries is really low
California is the place where they do the show (on the road movie

5 to 10 cents of recharge will take you over 200 miles
Cost of this Tessler car is 100 000 dollars
How many are online on the production line?

Jason Calacanis bought one (mentioned in the video)
He will get one next year (2009), delivery time is a year
Over 900 sold, the cost is 100 grand

In a little over a year you can get one if you live in US
130 miles an hour is maximum speed
Acceleration handling efficiency is the central goal

There is no point to have that high maximum speed
Way more efficient of any hybrid car
Twice the energy efficiency

Sports car gas, dollars and energy are the things they talk about
A sedan is under construction, it's going to be be very efficient
Recharge capacity is100 000 miles of recharge
700 000 cycles (I think I got this wrong)

Range level at 100 000 (need to check out what that means)
Upgrading the battery is possible later
Performing like new when you change the battery
Better acceleration will be the result

Does not require servicing (electronic motor)
Regime of testing: Federal standards of crash testing
It has got airbags
Nothing leaks after a crash
Not an electric shock after a crash
Tesslar is keen on making it safe

I wish I could drive it, Scobleizer says
The sound it makes is very cool
The motor makes 14 000 rpm and that makes the cool sound
Motors in the lab making over 20 000 rpm
The goal is to drive the electric car evolution with this production

It would be kind of insane for a sedan to have F1 acceleration
I'm ready for insane, Scobleizer says
We will make model three a more affordable car, the entrepreneur tells

To get it below 30 000 dollars is a goal
The tires don't squeal when you accelerate
Speed testers on the front are giving signals to the computers
Achieve maximum acceleration and still being safe
Rear wheels are going 2 miles faster than the front to avoid squealing (is that right typo?)
If the ground is wet or has snow you don't spin out

How many computers do you have on this car?
Define a computer, the maker requests
A more complex three or four computers
A dozen computers of smaller size

One of its kind. Get a lot of looks from people. Like a celebrity in LA
Teslars get people looking. Guys standing in front of a car and looking
Lovely Porsche
Sound effects from loudspeakers?

We want to have a level of horses
Hardest thing to design in the car?
Most trouble with the transmission actually
This car has two gears. Single gear car in the future.
Compare in cars

I paid a million for a F1 and sold it for a million and a half
In the Tesli you don't have to downshift
Press had almost all wrong about the company
Everything wrong about the company
First funded the company
Mass market available for electric cars
Goal to take down the CO2 production of cars
Move to mass market as fast as we can to achieve the goal

Go to the moon?
This is a rocking car
It's like a rocket ship
What it looks like is difficult to show with a N95
Jason Calacanis has on order for the car
It's the acceleration that is such an experience
It just keeps going, fast, very fast and no sound, noise at all

I love that design
Wrecked round a dozen cars for testing purposes
Those have to be kept for archive reasons
Supposed to do that for future references

You're a tech guy
Funded Tesler to get off the oil dependency
I'm a big believer in the environment
It's critical to move away from burning Gas
Charge and electric car

Production site
Solar panels
Off the oil-dependency
Hard enough to deal with the US regulatory scheme
US and Japan markets will come later
Move around the world after 2010

Delivering in Europe 2010 definitely, I say for sure
Hung out in the cool neighborhoods
I wish I'd have the time to go to TED
I'm in negative time
Thanks for giving 25 minutes of your time
They have a videoblogging phone N95
Thesler! Electric car. Or is it Tessler?
I will find out

* a1mega: thnx!
* a1mega: I don't mind electric for my slot cars though.
* a1mega: I love the smell of petrol in the morning. ;)
* a1mega: And my pops will not give up the Vette!
* DavidGeller: will Elon bring one to TED? Will he offer rides?
* BenjaminHigginbotham: Do batteries have any impact on the environment?
* a1mega: I'll never give up my Jeepy!
* zac_in_ak: scobble and the guy who runs tesla are in the tesla
* BenjaminHigginbotham: Benjamin Higginbotham
* Klaus: Looking for distributors outside US?
* alexwilliams: how many will be sold in 2008? any at all?
* zac_in_ak: this nstream is better then jasons
* DavidGeller: can I buy one of the wrecks?
* xykobas3rd: Good qik stream...thanks
* Genuine: My car seats won't fit
* CharlieO: You're awesome Scoble for bringing us along for the ride!
* zac_in_ak: Jason does indeed have one on order
* a1mega: Sweet looker!
* DavidGeller: soon, I hope ;)
* DavidGeller: no, not yet
* a1mega:
* a1mega: Wow!
* DavidGeller: does Jason have one on order?
* a1mega: I could drive a demo around if you'd like...get a lot of press. :)
* firedrillatnextlight: where will they manufacture their cars
* xykobas3rd: mclaren f1 one seater?
* scoblesucksass: no reason you should be speeding in a residential area dumb ass
* a1mega: He ha!
* a1mega: Or nice Porsche sound.
* DavidGeller: 8 track audio option?
* a1mega: I gotta have that V8 sound though. :(
* KeithPowers: Sounds is better in the Tesla... nooo noise..:)
* a1mega: Hopefully not using microsoft software.
* DavidGeller: a m a z i n g
* Hermes: who can work on them?
* a1mega: Cool!
* CharlieO: What about a long road trip? What about hotels?
* DavidGeller: how is it the tires don't squeel? 4wd?
* a1mega: You'll probably be depressed all week!
* a1mega: are you going to drive your car home w/o the thrill?
* CharlieO: why is there a hybrid sedan in the lineup?
* BenjaminHigginbotham: You should plug the phone directly into the cars batteries
* CharlieO: hybrid sedan
* a1mega: Looks like max torque around 6500
* alexwilliams: avg. rpms for a car...?
* alexwilliams: whoa
* alexwilliams: 14k rpms?
* KeithPowers: Tell Elon I Said Hello.
* DavidGeller: an you recarge phone off car?
* DavidGeller: awesome reporting Robert!
* parislemon: watching scoble's stream you can barely even tell he's speeding too
* CharlieO: howlong: no, but I bet its a while
* DavidGeller: special guidance for emergency medical crews re: electricity?
* a1mega: 220 Miles Between Charges
* Klaus: Can I order it from outside the US?
* howlongcanthephonedolive: Charlie: do you know the answer?
* a1mega: :)
* CharlieO: @howlong this is scobles video, not jasons
* a1mega: Gotta have the vett!
* a1mega: I do 130 to Vegas all the time. :)
* howlongcanthephonedolive: Jason: How long can your phone do live video for? Limits?
* parislemon: how much is this thing again?
* howlongcanthephonedolive: Jason: How long can your phone do live video for? Limits?
* CharlieO: The real question is why Tesla doesn't have more competition
* a1mega: Okay for Cali traffic though.
* howlongcanthephonedolive: How long can the phone do live video for?
* DavidGeller: special tires?
* a1mega: But top speed only 125. :(
* briane: stream pwnd
* CharlieO: Calcanis is in line, I know that
* a1mega: Revs up to!
* Genuine: How muich time to recharge?
* Klaus: When will it be available in Europe/Middle East?
* xykobas3rd: Where are you....I wanna follow
* vielli: i sooo want one
* Genuine: Tokyo Drift
* briane: what is cost $ charge to fully recharge
* parislemon: yeah his 3G keeps going down
* DavidGeller: auto stabilization features?
* Bobbyworld: where we go we dont need roads
* BenjaminHigginbotham: What impact on the environment do the batteries have in their creation?
* xykobas3rd: Mclaren f1?...The one seater?
* BenjaminHigginbotham: Batteries? Hydrogen? Flux Capacitor?
* briane: lol
* Bobbyworld: speed
* CharlieO: First ever speeding ticket on Qik!
* briane: coming soon
* CharlieO: lol
* Klaus: when will it be available outside the US?
* briane: speeding ticket
* parislemon: ha
* parislemon: how fast are you going?
* Klaus: I love Tesla
* Genuine: How much does it weigh overall?
* a1mega: What's the name of the car?
* DavidGeller: Explain slowing down - do the motors help?
* xykobas3rd: Two speeds....Off and fast
* DavidGeller: Does it have a tow hitch option?
* vielli: scoble has netter bandwidth than you
* CharlieO: Two streams... awesome
* DavidGeller: Love the rocket stuff he's doing!
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