Where are Mobile Phones headed?

Martin H. has sent you a new message: I'm very curious as to where mobile technology is exactly headed, after reading all these reports from 3GSM (Oops, I meant Mobile World Congress) of various new devises.

Helge: Barcelona...

I remember back in early 90's, when everyone wanted smaller phones, smaller the better. Now devises are bigger (though not humongous big) and screen size of 3 inches or bigger is preferred, due to all the multimedia requirements.

Helge: I think bigger is better!

Touch interface is getting all the more sofisticated, thanks to the advent of iPhone, and connection speed is getting faster still with proliferation of WiMAX, though we are yet to see it in North America.

Helge: WiMax is great.

Would the mobile technology eventually replace laptops and UMPCs? Will the people accept and tolerate the shortcomings enough to use their smartphones in place of their computers? I don't know. Depends on who you are asking, I'll wager. I would. Some smartphones are getting faster processors, up to 800mhz, and further development in flash memory will allow people to comfortably carry whatever they have.

Helge: Steven Jobs spoke about post-PC a year ago. We're heading towards that. As a heavy writer I need a good keyboard and the connectivity of mobile phones.

Would it mean the same thing as having and carrying laptop with you? I don't think so. I just think technology will change, and we will all follow along, learning and adapting.
Just bored out of my mind here. Disregard what I've wrote above. It's all BS, anyway...

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Helge: The laptop will remain as a work horse. Smaller devices for smaller out of office events.

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