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Chambers Takes Cisco Beyond Change

Chambers Takes Cisco Beyond Change: "We are moving from the intelligent network movement to one that is based on virtualization," Chambers said.

"There will be a time when you will have no idea if the data on your laptop or handheld device was processed or stored there or on a network somewhere else. So the security implications are pretty broad. "

I noted this 2/21/05 4:34 PM. Now, more than three years later I'll be participating in a Cisco Seminar in Helsinki the 22 April 2008.

What does three years mean in respect of change on Internet? Big or small changes? I'd like to say that Social Media is the new things, microblogs, Jaiku, Twitter, Facebook, Social Media, Wiki, etc. The basics haven't changed that much. We've a little more and better broadband. Mobility is improving.

The changes are happening in the mobile world. Not so much for me while I'm a heavy writer and the PC is a necessity to me. Portable devices are just for making basic phone c…

Cisco cuts expenses, braces for a downturn - Mar. 27, 2008

I'll participate in Cisco Expo 2008. The theme is "Enable Your Network to Empower Your Business". This event will take place at the Helsinki Mess Center 22.4.2008. The address is Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki.

Below is an article from Fortune...

Cisco cuts expenses, braces for a downturn - Mar. 27, 2008: "Cisco signals trouble ahead
Tech bellwether starts cutting costs, Fortune has learned, in a clear sign that it's not immune from a broader slowdown. By Scott Moritz, writer.

(Fortune) -- Cisco Systems, one of the country's biggest technology companies, appears to be bracing for a downturn.

The San Jose maker of Internet networking gear has told some managers to limit travel expenses and use up accumulated vacation days, according to sources close to the company. Both steps could be early signs that deeper cutbacks loom.

The belt-tightening is a jarring new turn for Cisco (CSCO, Fortune 500), which crashed hard when the technology bubble burst earlier this decade b…

Joocing the Next Billion Internet Users

Joocing the Next Billion Internet Users: "Some people suggest perhaps the solution isn't to put hardware into the hands of every person, but rather to maximize the number of people who have access to a PC. That's the idea behind Paris startup Jooce (the name is a play on 'juice,' as in electricity), which has devised a novel software system that lets many people use a single machine as though it were theirs alone.

Helge: Customized environment in an Internet café and village kiosk. Not a bad idea.

Whether in an Internet café or village kiosk, a PC equipped with Jooce software gives each person who logs in a customized environment—complete with programs, preferences, bookmarks, buddy lists, and so forth. That way, even though many people may use the machine each day, it feels 'personal' to each one. Jooce also lets subscribers securely store an unlimited number of documents, photos, videos, and other data—as well as gives them the ability to share those files…

My Starbucks Idea

My Starbucks Idea: "Home Ideas. Help shape the future of Starbucks—with your ideas. You know better than anyone else what you want from Starbucks. So tell us. What’s your Starbucks Idea? Revolutionary or simple—we want to hear it. Share your ideas, tell us what you think of other people’s ideas and join the discussion. We’re here, and we’re ready to make ideas happen. Let’s get started."

Helge: Starbucks is a great business idea. They are looking for how to change and how to manage global change of a service business operation. Cool. I love to follow what is happening to this Wi-Fi Coffee Shop.

F-Secure warns of critical vulnerabilities | Tech News on ZDNet

F-Secure warns of critical vulnerabilities | Tech News on ZDNet: "By Tom Espiner, | Posted on ZDNet News: Mar 19, 2008 7:53:42 AM | Security vendor F-Secure has warned of multiple critical vulnerabilities in its own and other vendors' products.

The vulnerabilities exist in the way the products respond to malformed archive files, and were discovered by researchers at the University of Oulu in Finland.

'The Secure Programming Group at Oulu University has created a collection of malformed archive files,' wrote F-Secure director of antivirus research, Mikko Hyppönen, in a blog post on Monday. 'These archive files break and crash products from at least 40 vendors--including several antivirus vendors… including us.'

F-Secure products affected include F-Secure Internet Security 2008, F-Secure Anti-Virus 2008, F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus for Windows Mobile 2003/5.0/6, and F-Secure Anti-Virus for Linux 4.65 and earlier versions, according to an F-Secur…

Intel hopes to unwire the world with long-range WiFi

Intel hopes to unwire the world with long-range WiFi: "Improving the number of people worldwide who have access to the Internet has been a stated goal of nations, international bodies, and NGOs for years, but practical attempts to do so have often faced daunting challenges.

Helge: Going Wi-Fi or Mobile? That's the question...

Hostile terrain, periodic extremes of temperature and weather, limited/intermittent electrical power, and the ever-present danger of being eaten by lions, bears, or giant fire-breathing iguanas are all issues that must be solved, and that's before the human factors are dealt with. It does no good, after all, to run a copper cable into a town to provide Internet access, only to have someone dig it up next week and sell it for scrap.

Helge: Building infrastructure isn't always easy. "Digging" is given a new meaning.

Intel's Rural Connectivity Platform (RCP) is designed to push traditional 802.11 wireless connections out to much greater di…

Holiday Lettings and Rentals

The long Easter weekend is here, but wouldn't it be great if there were more long weekends dotted throughout the year? Well, in lieu of an unlikely government turnaround on public holidays, let us tempt you to book the occasional Friday or Monday off work and create your very own luxurious short breaks. Whether they be UK based or a short haul flight, we've got something for every budget and activity level – take your pick...!
We've used this service in Paris. Had a great apartment for five people in the center of Paris for seven days. It would be nice to do this again.

Yahoo + Microsoft = Google threat!

"Well, this is certainly nothing new, because high level Google execs have been singing the same tune for weeks now, but now Google CEO Eric Schmidt has joined the choir, saying that a Microsoft-Yahoo deal might hurt the very foundations of our beloved Internet," writes Mashable.

Helge: Microsoft + Yahoo is a threat to Google
“We would be concerned by any kind of acquisition of Yahoo by Microsoft. We would hope that anything they did would be consistent with the openness of the Internet, but I doubt it would be. We are concerned that there are things Microsoft could do that would be bad for the Internet.” says Schmidt.Helge: Keep it open.
It’s obvious that Schmidt is talking to the experts here; such highly technical terms as “bad for the internet” can only be understood by the most tech-savvy folks. What he probably means is that yes, Microsoft does have a history of antitrust violations, and yes, they haven’t exactly been the most open company in the history of IT.
Helge: The…

Smart Phones 2004 and 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008Smart Phones 2008Thursday, September 02, 2004Road warriorsAnalysts have long predicted that converged devices like smartphones will replace PDAs, cell phones, and laptops. That prediction was repeated last week by yet another study describing a hockey-stick-like growth curve for smartphones.

2008: Apple's iPhone and Nokia's N95 have been great smart phone successes during 2007. Apple has been doing quite well in USA. However, we still have to see if the company can manage to sell 10 million phones before the end of this year.

2004: As attractive as smartphones and other converged devices are, they are unlikely to become the sole device carried by many mobile workers. That's because there inevitably are sacrifices when you shrink the size of devices and increase the number of things they can do. It isn't to be writing a long e-mail message on a small communicator or pda.

2008: Four years later, the problem with the size of the small screen is still th…

South by southwest festivals + conferences

South by southwest festivals + conferences: All good things must come to an end. But don’t turn out the lights on the 2008 SXSW Interactive Festival quite yet. Tuesday brings another full day of panel programming, with sessions running through 6:00 pm. Highlights of today’s programming include “Peas in a Pod: Advertising, Monetization and Social Media”.

Helge: Distance is still a problem. Time is just another. Too many interesting happenings around the world. I try to get a picture of the event in postum.

The SXSW Interactive Festival features forward-thinking new media experts from across the United States and around the world. The bulk of programing for the 2008 has been posted online.

Blonde 2.0 about importance of blogging for startups

Blonde 2.0 is writing in her blog, "Guy Grimland, editor of TheMarker IT has recently interviewed me for an article discussing the importance of blogger coverage for startups as opposed to traditional media coverage."

Who is Blonde 2.0?
A Strategist in the world of online marketing, community building, social software and networking. Involved in the marketing, promotion and content creation of web 2.0 and social networking sites. Served as ICQ's Marketing Manager for 4 years

"In my interview I told Guy that bloggers today have a dramatic effect on the outcome of startups. Bloggers are the opinion leaders of today. I would be more inclined to try a service or product if a specific blogger that I admire recommended it as opposed to a journalist. But we’re not only talking quality," She writes.

"We’re also talking quantity. 120,000 blogs are opened each day and startups can receive a great deal more coverage through blogs than through traditional media. In additi…

Ericsson predicts demise for hotspots - Ericsson predicts demise for hotspots: "Ericsson predicts demise for hotspots | IDG News Service 3/10/08 | Mikael Ricknäs, IDG News Service

As mobile broadband takes off, Wi-Fi hotspots will become as irrelevant as telephone booths, Ericsson Chief Marketing Officer Johan Bergendahl said Monday. Mobile broadband is growing faster than mobile or fixed telephony ever did, Bergendahl said.

Helge: We started to use mobile broadband March 2008.

'In Austria they are saying that mobile broadband will pass fixed broadband this year. It's already growing faster, and in Sweden, the most popular phone is a USB modem,' said Bergendahl, who was the keynote speaker at the European Computer Audit, Control and Security Conference in Stockholm.

Helge: The trend is the same in Finland.

As more people start using mobile broadband, hot spots will no longer be needed. 'Hotspots at places like Starbucks are becoming the telephone boxes of the broadband era,' said B…

The world's 50 most powerful blogs | Technology | The Observer

The world's 50 most powerful blogs | Technology | The Observer: "The world's 50 most powerful blogs

From Prince Harry in Afghanistan to Tom Cruise ranting about Scientology and footage from the Burmese uprising, blogging has never been bigger. It can help elect presidents and take down attorney generals while simultaneously celebrating the minutiae of our everyday obsessions. Here are the 50 best reasons to log on

Read Bobbie Johnson's blog on celebrity snooper Nick Denton here"

SXSW: Do it like a girlJemima Kiss / Conferences 12:17am The caveat for this session is 80/20. Eighty percent of the observations will apply to women and the other 20% might be way off, but it's an interesting panel.
Helge: Needed to get connected to SXSW. It should happen at Austin, Texas. Have to twitter about it. Who could tell me more? How about connie?

First Annual CoSpaces Conference

Dear Helge, may I kindly invite you to take a look at the second CoSpaces Newsletter - Issue No 2. Feel free to download the newsletter PDF format (about 1 MB) at the following URL: Beside the traditional Editor's corner and Coordinator's message, you will find inside this issue the following articles:
First Annual CoSpacesConferenceUnderstanding Collaborative Workspaces Part1: the Organisation PerspectiveA Structured Approach to Improving Collaboration Within Engineering OrganisationsCoSpaces Collaborative Software FrameworkLatest News from CoSpacesPartnersRecent Events Up-Coming Events….. Hope you will enjoy reading this issue N°2.

So far, we have got about 1300 views on the 2 CWE electronic surveys (Polls) "Collaboration Barriers" and about 1100 views on the "Collaboration Enablers". However, we have got at the same time only 60 respondents on the "Collaboration Barr…

Taking Customer Relationship Management to the Max

Taking Customer Relationship Management to the Max: "One of the latest CRM applications available for SMBs comes from Maximizer Software, a player in that market since 1987 and a competitor of ACT software, another popular small business CRM product.

Helge: For small business, ok, go ahead...

The company recently released Maximizer CRM 10 Entrepreneur Edition, a program aimed at start-ups and individual professionals, is designed specifically for companies with one to 10 people.

Helge: Intended for micro companies.

The Entrepreneur edition completes the company's full line of CRM products, ranging from contact management to full-blown CRM. In addition to Entrepreneur, the Maximizer CRM 10 family consists of Group (up to 15), Professional and Enterprise editions.

Helge: All included. What do the clients want?

The software, which sells for $229, incorporates account and contact management with sales-opportunity, order, time and task management, Outlook integration, scheduling, report…

Recycling old Media Writings from 2005

Thursday, December 29, 2005 MediaThe essence of media in the future is not just content and not distribution, but relationships. The Web is actually proof of just how out of touch most designers are.

Helge: I wrote this at the time when the project Design & Craft started.

Some of them, who have been considered great communicators and are now attempting to make micromovies and to get back into fashion news, does not even have a Web site. A blog? A podcast? I can't think of a designer who could succeed without having one.

Helge: Three years later, this is now a reality for many small designer companies.

Not many designers have the time, what with the demands of collections, stores, magazines and dressing celebrities. A blog could help to communicate and to maintain the relationship.

Helge: Blogging is still an under-used tool for personalization and communication.

Some of them have great looking websites and web boutiques. But the challenge goes beyond e-commerce. In all the online a…

New Release 2.0 on Next-Generation CRM ... and a New Installment of Our Facebook Application Platform Report - O'Reilly Radar

New Release 2.0 on Next-Generation CRM ... and a New Installment of Our Facebook Application Platform Report - O'Reilly Radar: "In this month's Release 2.0, we consider the next generation of customer relationship management (CRM) and the search for an all-in-one-place inbox and address book.

Helge: I see.

We need some sort of universal inbox and address book because it's not just email that we're neck-deep in nowadays. Once you've figured out a way to organize one means of input, there's another one. Are you up-to-date on all the RSS feeds? Your Facebook friends? Their Twitter tweets? In recent months, we have started to see high-profile attempts to create universal inboxes from two different directions: online social networks and CRM systems.

Helge: I agree with the importance of

As the need to store and organize more information grows more acute, both online social networks and CRM systems have grown dramatically in membership and in the amount of informat…