First Annual CoSpaces Conference

Dear Helge, may I kindly invite you to take a look at the second CoSpaces Newsletter - Issue No 2. Feel free to download the newsletter PDF format (about 1 MB) at the following URL:
Beside the traditional Editor's corner and Coordinator's message, you will find inside this issue the following articles:
  • First Annual CoSpacesConference
  • Understanding Collaborative Workspaces Part1: the Organisation Perspective
  • A Structured Approach to Improving Collaboration Within Engineering Organisations
  • CoSpaces Collaborative Software Framework
  • Latest News from CoSpacesPartners
  • Recent Events
  • Up-Coming Events…..
Hope you will enjoy reading this issue N°2.

So far, we have got about 1300 views on the 2 CWE electronic surveys (Polls) "Collaboration Barriers" and about 1100 views on the "Collaboration Enablers". However, we have got at the same time only 60 respondents on the "Collaboration Barriers" and 30 respondents on the "Collaboration Enablers"!

May I kindly invite those who did not vote so far to also express their own opinion in voting as it really takes just few minutes. Here are the two respective polls awaiting for your vote:
Many thanks to those who already responded!

Last but not least, here is the link to the Wiki pages where all CWE special sessions and workshops as well as demo descriptions, that will be held during the ICE'2008 Conference, Lisbon, from 23 to 25 June 2008, will be regularly updated:
Take a look at it and contact the special session or workshop chairs in case you may wish to contribute in either submitting a full paper (deadline is end of March) or proposing a position paper/presentation.

See you all at ICE'2008 CWE event in Lisbon!

Kind regards,
  • ICE'2008 "A New Wave of Innovation in Collaborative Networks" will take place in
  • Lisbon 23-25 June 2008. Registration, Programme, Call for Papers available on:
Marc Pallot
Collaborative Work & Infrastructure
useful links:
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