Intel hopes to unwire the world with long-range WiFi

Intel hopes to unwire the world with long-range WiFi: "Improving the number of people worldwide who have access to the Internet has been a stated goal of nations, international bodies, and NGOs for years, but practical attempts to do so have often faced daunting challenges.

Helge: Going Wi-Fi or Mobile? That's the question...

Hostile terrain, periodic extremes of temperature and weather, limited/intermittent electrical power, and the ever-present danger of being eaten by lions, bears, or giant fire-breathing iguanas are all issues that must be solved, and that's before the human factors are dealt with. It does no good, after all, to run a copper cable into a town to provide Internet access, only to have someone dig it up next week and sell it for scrap.

Helge: Building infrastructure isn't always easy. "Digging" is given a new meaning.

Intel's Rural Connectivity Platform (RCP) is designed to push traditional 802.11 wireless connections out to much greater distances than would normally be possible, thereby reducing the amount of cable that must be laid between any two points. Using the 802.11 standard means that spectrum availability is not usually an issue, and Intel's RCP supports frequencies of 900MHz, 2.4GHz, and the 5.2-5.8GHz spectrum.

Helge: Combining cable and wireless.

The idea of focusing and transmitting a wireless signal in order to boost its range is nothing new, but Intel's RCP uses a modified TDMA (time division multiple access) system. A standard wireless system broadcasts a message and waits for a reply."

Helge: TDMA, I see.
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