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Web 2.0 Expo


Mashable! about Twitter funding- The Social Networking Blog

Mashable! - The Social Networking Blog: "Charles Cooper of CNET has published a memo claiming that sources have revealed that Twitter signed a new term sheet for a round of funding valued somewhere between $15-20 million. The people involved in the funding are unspecified at this time.

Helge: Twitter is still independent. They are building reliability and business applications, I guess. Or they have to do it.

The source for Mr. Cooper, an apparent skeptic of Twitter’s long term viability, opines: “There’s a lot of interest in the company. It’s yet another one of these audience growth stories without any understanding how they’ll turn into a business.”

Helge: Mobile SMS will end soon and could be replaced by Twitter or Jaiku.

This is a question people have been asking repeatedly over the past few months. Without even so much as one ad to be seen on the US-based site, no one is quite sure how this company will ever turn into a money-making venture. As we reported the other day, Twitter…

The Forrester Blog For Interactive Marketing Professionals

Here's the executive summary Posted by Jeremiah Owyang at 04:18 PM February 14, 2008.

The Forrester Blog For Interactive Marketing Professionals: "I spent a few months researching and preparing for this two-piece report series. I interviewed over 17 people to find out the commonalities between successful communities," writes Jeremiah Owyang.

Online Community Best Practices

Communities Are A Powerful Tool, As Long As You Put Members' Needs First!

"An online community is an interactive group of people joined together by a common interest. It’s also one of the most powerful tools a marketer can deploy for customer retention, word of mouth, and customer insight. To host a successful community, think of it as you would product development: Start by focusing on objectives, chart a road map, assemble the right team, and plan to be flexible. Then build your success by launching the community with the backing of your most enthusiastic customers and staying engaged as th…

IST Finland 2006 and where we are today

I participated yesterday in a seminar about "Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007 - 2013." Again there was a lot of lip service of about innovation, co-operation, collaboration, integration, development, public-private initiatives for the common good.

The IST 2006 Helsinki event was all about innovation and did gather together all the key players of European information society technologies.

New collaboration methods and technology could be used in the BSR Programme 2007 - 2013.

The IST 2006 event concentrated on European policies, strategies, research activities and results in all areas of the Information Society. I had the opportunity to participate in the conference, exhibition and networking events.
The conference programme was set to appeal decision-makers from the public sector, private industry and the world of research as well as to interested citizens.

The BSR initiative includes the same parties but the geographical focus is more specific.

The Exhibition promised concret…

The Laptop Trail from China to Loviisa

Image - The Laptop Trail: "When a customer in the U.S. / Europe clicks on Hewlett-Packard Co.'s Web site to purchase one of its Pavilion zd8000 laptop computers, the order quickly arrives thousands of miles away at a factory in China run by a less-familiar name, Quanta Computer Inc.

I wrote this 6/13/05 at 7:35 AM

Although virtually unknown to consumers, Quanta is the world's biggest maker of laptops.

That was three years ago. What about today? How has the production landscape changed?

As part of a sometimes-difficult symbiosis, the Taiwanese company makes roughly one-quarter of the world's portable computers, which are then sold by brands such as H-P and Dell Inc.

HP was going through a difficult period. Things have changed. We don't remember the change of management anymore.

Quanta collects components from countries around the world and assembles them at its Quanta Shanghai Manufacture City complex.

I've to buy a new laptop soon. This one is at the end of its lif…


BusinessWeek: "The BusinessWeek Global Edition offers timely, relevant, and in-depth coverage of the news that matters to you most. You´ll gain a deeper understanding of the trends that drive growth, and the best practices that will keep you ahead of the competition. Our exclusive insight and notable columnists make BusinessWeek the premier global news source to turn to. Printed in and sent from the U.S. Published weekly."
This week "The most innovative companies 2008"Year 2006: "The most innovative companies 2006""In a climate when innovation efforts and research and development budgets are likely to see more scrutiny than ever, our 2008 list of the World's Most Innovative Companies adds three financial measures to the mix to determine the rankings," writes Business Week.

I go to see and find that Nokia is on spot 10.

"Once again, Apple's design whizzes lead our list, followed by Google’s search geniuses and Toyota's hybrid car m…

VisualSage for Facebook

I was getting tired with Facebook. There is too much of apps. and automation of everything, I thought.

Home - VisualSage: "Visual Sage for Facebook is an innovative Facebook chat and desktop application implemented by VisualSage team of Minesage, an innovative software technology company. This cool Facebook application is built upon Microsoft's new technology WPF. It shows all your friends at Facebook in a network."

This week I changed my mind. The social network does have a value if I'm active myself. Facebook isn't a website or a television program. It isn't a blog, neither a newspaper. Just reading watching and listening doesn't give you much. FB is a place for interaction, just like Twitter and Jaiku. There is no value in those if you just drop in and have a look for what's going on. You have to work your garden to make it bloom.

Visual Sage for Facebook is a desktop application that provides easy access to many Facebook's primary functions, in…

LeMill — Overview of LeMill

LeMill — Overview of LeMill: "Teaching and learning stories. Teaching and learning stories allow teachers to share their experiences on using the various resources found from LeMill. Tips are an easy way to provice valuable insight to other teachers. You may conside teaching and learning stories as cases of using resources found from LeMill.

Helge: I learned about LeMill through Jaiku.

If you have a collection (see above) that has content, methods, and tools in it, you can create a tip for use. The story will have links to those resources in your collection and also a description that you'll write. In the description you can describe how you're planning to use those resources in a learning situation, or how you've actually used them.

Some things that you may mention in a teaching and learning story are:
what are the objectives of the course or study project
in what order the different activities should be carried out how you use the different tools with each activity …

SixApart's BlogIt Could Be the Start of Something Big - ReadWriteWeb

SixApart's BlogIt Could Be the Start of Something Big - ReadWriteWeb: "SixApart launched BlogIt by TypePad last night, a Facebook app that lets you post to SixApart blogs and other blogging software like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, to your Facebook Newsfeed and to Twitter all from one place. It's the kind of app that makes Facebook all the closer to being a one stop social media experience.

Helge: Sounds good.

The service could be more fully developed but it's certainly in the lead compared to other services aiming to do the same thing. A close look at the details leads us to believe that this could be a much bigger move than it might seem to be. Here's a few reasons why we believe it's so interesting.

Tying the Social Graph Together

SixApart is a leading company in the field of social graph experimentation and the most outspoken participating company willing to be critical of some of Google's efforts like OpenSocial. BlogIt is interesting beyond its basic …

Elektrobit (EB), Oulunsalo

"Elektrobit Oyj, Oulunsalo, Oulu | EB, Elektrobit Corporation creates advanced technology and turns it into enriching end-user experiences. EB is specialised in demanding embedded software and hardware solutions for automotive and wireless industries. The net sales for the year 2007 totalled EUR 144.3 million. Elektrobit Corporation is listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki."

Marriott - Marriott on the Move - Bill Marriott's Blog

Marriott - Marriott on the Move - Bill Marriott's Blog: "At the Movies with The Ritz-Carlton. Posted: April 11, 2008 1:57:21 PM. As you know, I love movies. Not long ago, I got to go to a first of its kind movie premiere. This wasn't just any premiere. It was the debut of a trio of short films from Ritz-Carlton and American Express.

Ritz-Carlton rented a theater in an upscale local shopping center here in Washington, D.C. They had girls dressed like the old Phillip Morris girls in their short skirts with boxes of cigarettes, only instead of cigarettes; they had M&M candies, which I thought was pretty neat. We went in and took our seats and were introduced to the films by the . .."

Helge: The founder of Marriott is blogging at the age of 92 years.

Profile: I'm Bill Marriott, Chairman & CEO of Marriott International.

Salesforce and Google team to conquer the enterprise | Software as Services |

Salesforce and Google team to conquer the enterprise | Software as Services | "Salesforce has just released the long-awaited integration of its CRM applications with Google Apps, embedding email, documents, online chat and integrated calendaring directly into its core sales force automation, marketing and customer service applications. I’ve had advance warning of this move," Phil Wainewright wrote in the white paper for today’s launch.

Phil Wainewright from continues, "Here are the key takeaways in my view. Salesforce for Google Apps icon cluster. This is a huge validation for Office 2.0 — the whole notion of collaboration and productivity applications delivered from the cloud. has more than 41,000 customers, including a growing number of large enterprises. It’s now saying unambiguously to all those customers that Google Apps is its preferred productivity suite. The integration is far in advance of anything achievable with MS Office. P… » Twitter Do's and Twitter Don'ts » Twitter Do's and Twitter Don'ts: "Be Yourself.
Tweet what you want about whatever topics you want. It is up to your Followers to decide whether or not they want to join in. If you have a multifaceted life (like we all do) it is OK to tweet both personal and work related topics. I would suggest finding a balance if you are using Twitter for professional reasons or you might drive away work-minded followers. But don’t be afraid to share some of yourself too.

Helge: This blog entry is written by Kim Dushinski.

Are you ready to dive into mobile marketing to build your business? Perhaps you want to get in on this great new opportunity but don't know how. You've come to the right place. MobileMarketingProfits is for you and I'm here to help. - Kim Dushinski

Think before you hit Update. Even if you are being yourself, sometimes it is best to remember that every tweet you send will be there forever, on it’s own webpage and in the minds instant…

Solo Entrepreneurs: Big Bucks From Tiny Computing Startups -- InformationWeek

Solo Entrepreneurs: Big Bucks From Tiny Computing Startups -- InformationWeek: "Call them lifestyle businesses. Peopleless enterprises. Solo entrepreneurs. Workers like Bradbury are becoming increasingly common as the Internet matures, software as a service (SaaS) is more reliable, outsourcing becomes more commonplace, and customers and user communities begin to shoulder more of the work of keeping operations going. Such companies get big results by thinking small -- from an organizational perspective, that is. From a revenue perspective, they're quite ambitious.

Helge: Think Small! Make money!

'We're seeing them everywhere -- they almost don't feel like businesses, because there's no there there -- these are people working from anywhere and in any time zone, and who are grossing from $250,000 up to $5 million or $6 million,' said Paul Kedrosky, a senior fellow at the Kauffman Foundation, who has written extensively about peopleless businesses. 'Generall…

Kevin Kelly -- The Technium - How to sell Free?

Kevin Kelly -- The Technium: "Better Than Free

The internet is a copy machine. At its most foundational level, it copies every action, every character, every thought we make while we ride upon it. In order to send a message from one corner of the internet to another, the protocols of communication demand that the whole message be copied along the way several times. IT companies make a lot of money selling equipment that facilitates this ceaseless copying. Every bit of data ever produced on any computer is copied somewhere. The digital economy is thus run on a river of copies. Unlike the mass-produced reproductions of the machine age, these copies are not just cheap, they are free.

Our digital communication network has been engineered so that copies flow with as little friction as possible. Indeed, copies flow so freely we could think of the internet as a super-distribution system, where once a copy is introduced it will continue to flow through the network forever, much like electr…

All About the ‘N’ at Nokia - New York Times

All About the ‘N’ at Nokia - New York Times: "Nokia is giving them all its N82, which combines a phone, a five-megapixel camera, G.P.S. capability and a can opener. (Just kidding. The can openers are sold separately.) Nokia calls the N82, the newest entry in the N series line that was first introduced in 2005, a multimedia computer.

The N82 is intended for consumers who want the gizmos they carry in their pockets and purses to perform as many high-technology tasks as possible. To demonstrate its versatility, the people equipped with N82s are being asked to write, take pictures and produce video clips, all of which are being shared online.

Nokia is calling the N82 its first product to be brought out through the Internet rather than with news conferences, publicity or traditional advertising. There was what the company calls a “virtual launch event,” which took place in November on a Web site, as well as a so-called viral campaign for the device."

Helge: Nokia approaching blogger…

Industrial Facility at Nurmeksentie 80, 80100 Joensuu

I wrote about this Perlos real estate 10/26/07 6:50 PM based on information received from a local real estate agent.

Thursday, March 30, 2006 I had a Completely different posting. It was about "China getting big." How the cradle of innovation have been moving from America and Europe to the world at large. A round table from the Fortune Innovation Forum discussed the role of innovation, China and India as emerging production superpowers.

"China is the worlds largest cell phone market and second largest PC market," was the topic March 2006.

What is really going to happen? What has happened since? The threats and opportunities of globalization

Internet as a communication channel
- All those different products that needs to be sold can be profiled and documented
- Communication is easier than ever
- We've a cost-effective channel but do we know how to use it?

People talk about innovation
- product
- marketing
- production
- business processes
- incremental innovation
- innovatio…

DNA 55 years ago

Fifty-five years ago, on February 28, 1953, Francis Crick walked into the Eagle pub in Cambridge, England, and announced that he and James Watson had "found the secret of life." At least that's what Watson remembers; Crick's memory is different. The exact words don't matter that much because the fact is, they had done it.

Earlier that day, the two scientists had pieced together the correct solution to a problem that researchers around the world were racing to solve. They had built a model of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that showed by its very structure how DNA could be everything they fiercely believed it to be; the carrier of the genetic code and the the key molecule of heredity, developmental biology and evolution.

That's one year after the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Watson and Crick weren't necessarily the smartest scientists in the contest. They weren't the most experienced; their track records in this area of science , in fact, were essentially n…

Heading for Helsinki

We're heading for Helsinki. Meeting new customers. I'll write more when we return. Found this picture in an old forgotten blog. It's a Photobucket picture. I'm planning to release some new podcasts in the near future. Started with occasional podcasts 2005 but never really got into it. We're also going to work more with videocasts in the future. Online training with webcams has many promises.

jkOnTheRun: WiMAX is everywhere... in the future

jkOnTheRun: WiMAX is everywhere... in the future: "After attending the Sprint WiMAX press event at CES and walking away with very little in terms of details, I expected to hear more about it during the CTIA event this week. My expectations were met... sort of. We're hearing report after report of devices that are WiMAX-ready.

Helge: The mobile companies are pushign 3G broad-band.

The Nokia N810 with WiMax was outed yesterday, as was integrated WiMAX in the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium. There's also a WiMAX PC Card (why not ExpressCard or USB?) that will be ready for sale. There's only one problem as I see it. There's no WiMAX service in the air to use. Pricing isn't detailed. Coverage information and rollout plans are nebulous.

Helge: Yes, will there be room for WiMAX?

I don't mean to paint a doom-and-gloom picture for WiMAX: I think it's an exciting technology due to the anticipated lower price point, solid bandwidth speeds and greater range for coverage. But…

What is your color dialog

Monday, March 07, 2005 Emerging consumer trends and business ideasLIFE CACHING An emerging consumer trend and related new business ideas:

"Trends are often a manifestation of new enablers unlocking existing human needs. Whenever you witness a revolutionary technology, changing societal values, or a rise in prosperity, expect an emerging consumer trend to be around the corner.

Point in case: collecting! Human beings (fueled by a need for self-worth, validation, control, vanity, even immortality) love to collect and store possessions, memories, experiences, in order to create personal histories, mementoes of their lives, or just to keep track for practical reasons.
And with the experience economy still gaining ground -- with consumers more often favoring the intangible over the tangible -- collecting, storing and displaying experiences is ready for its big moment."

This colorful photo is from Fiskars. Hantverksrundan was in making we tried to thin…