All About the ‘N’ at Nokia - New York Times

All About the ‘N’ at Nokia - New York Times: "Nokia is giving them all its N82, which combines a phone, a five-megapixel camera, G.P.S. capability and a can opener. (Just kidding. The can openers are sold separately.) Nokia calls the N82, the newest entry in the N series line that was first introduced in 2005, a multimedia computer.

The N82 is intended for consumers who want the gizmos they carry in their pockets and purses to perform as many high-technology tasks as possible. To demonstrate its versatility, the people equipped with N82s are being asked to write, take pictures and produce video clips, all of which are being shared online.

Nokia is calling the N82 its first product to be brought out through the Internet rather than with news conferences, publicity or traditional advertising. There was what the company calls a “virtual launch event,” which took place in November on a Web site, as well as a so-called viral campaign for the device."

Helge: Nokia approaching bloggers...
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