jkOnTheRun: WiMAX is everywhere... in the future

jkOnTheRun: WiMAX is everywhere... in the future: "After attending the Sprint WiMAX press event at CES and walking away with very little in terms of details, I expected to hear more about it during the CTIA event this week. My expectations were met... sort of. We're hearing report after report of devices that are WiMAX-ready.

Helge: The mobile companies are pushign 3G broad-band.

The Nokia N810 with WiMax was outed yesterday, as was integrated WiMAX in the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium. There's also a WiMAX PC Card (why not ExpressCard or USB?) that will be ready for sale. There's only one problem as I see it. There's no WiMAX service in the air to use. Pricing isn't detailed. Coverage information and rollout plans are nebulous.

Helge: Yes, will there be room for WiMAX?

I don't mean to paint a doom-and-gloom picture for WiMAX: I think it's an exciting technology due to the anticipated lower price point, solid bandwidth speeds and greater range for coverage. But the facts remain that Sprint & Clearwire have had differences and Sprint needs money to help with the XOHM rollout. Even if those problems didn't exist, it's going to take several years to create a national footprint in terms of WiMax infrastructure, barring some new development. Since Intel makes chipsets for WiMAX, I anticipate more money and greater involvement in the whole approach... more than they offer today.

Helge: What technology is going to win?

What's really interesting to me is that none of the other U.S. carriers are showing any interest in WiMAX..."

Helge: Even less over here...
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