LeMill — Overview of LeMill

LeMill — Overview of LeMill: "Teaching and learning stories. Teaching and learning stories allow teachers to share their experiences on using the various resources found from LeMill. Tips are an easy way to provice valuable insight to other teachers. You may conside teaching and learning stories as cases of using resources found from LeMill.

Helge: I learned about LeMill through Jaiku.

If you have a collection (see above) that has content, methods, and tools in it, you can create a tip for use. The story will have links to those resources in your collection and also a description that you'll write. In the description you can describe how you're planning to use those resources in a learning situation, or how you've actually used them.

Some things that you may mention in a teaching and learning story are:
  • what are the objectives of the course or study project
  • in what order the different activities should be carried out
  • how you use the different tools with each activity
  • how you're using the learning resources. for instance are they introductory material, deepening knowledge, references, clarification of complex issues etc.
  • the feedback you got from your students
  • your own reflection on the learning event: what went well, what went badly, what you'd do differently next time
  • even though good practices are welcome, even more welcome"
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