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Marriott - Marriott on the Move - Bill Marriott's Blog: "At the Movies with The Ritz-Carlton. Posted: April 11, 2008 1:57:21 PM. As you know, I love movies. Not long ago, I got to go to a first of its kind movie premiere. This wasn't just any premiere. It was the debut of a trio of short films from Ritz-Carlton and American Express.

Ritz-Carlton rented a theater in an upscale local shopping center here in Washington, D.C. They had girls dressed like the old Phillip Morris girls in their short skirts with boxes of cigarettes, only instead of cigarettes; they had M&M candies, which I thought was pretty neat. We went in and took our seats and were introduced to the films by the . .."

Helge: The founder of Marriott is blogging at the age of 92 years.

Profile: I'm Bill Marriott, Chairman & CEO of Marriott International.

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