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Mashable! - The Social Networking Blog: "Charles Cooper of CNET has published a memo claiming that sources have revealed that Twitter signed a new term sheet for a round of funding valued somewhere between $15-20 million. The people involved in the funding are unspecified at this time.

Helge: Twitter is still independent. They are building reliability and business applications, I guess. Or they have to do it.

The source for Mr. Cooper, an apparent skeptic of Twitter’s long term viability, opines: “There’s a lot of interest in the company. It’s yet another one of these audience growth stories without any understanding how they’ll turn into a business.”

Helge: Mobile SMS will end soon and could be replaced by Twitter or Jaiku.

This is a question people have been asking repeatedly over the past few months. Without even so much as one ad to be seen on the US-based site, no one is quite sure how this company will ever turn into a money-making venture. As we reported the other day, Twitter Japan launched with ads, but the American site still stays conspicuously vacant of any such creature. Perhaps Japan is a test run to see how it is accepted. That’s as logical an explanation as anyone can seem to muster at the moment.

Helge: Twitter is generating interesting statistics for marketers. They might go for that.

As for the company’s present status - with the persistent outages of service, the recent caching issues, and the repeated troubles for the API and its users - one might to wonder what their sales pitch has been to investors.

Helge: Twitter is a well known brand name.

While this story floats around the ether, feel free to join the Mashable team on Twitter."

Helge: What will Google do with Jaiku? Both services have enthusiastic users who think microblogging is a great thing. Fast communication on global basis is easier than ever. The user base is interesting. Rumors tell that AOL would like to sell Skype. Are we going to see big changes in the Web 2.0 space during 2008?
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