» Twitter Do's and Twitter Don'ts » Twitter Do's and Twitter Don'ts: "Be Yourself.
Tweet what you want about whatever topics you want. It is up to your Followers to decide whether or not they want to join in. If you have a multifaceted life (like we all do) it is OK to tweet both personal and work related topics. I would suggest finding a balance if you are using Twitter for professional reasons or you might drive away work-minded followers. But don’t be afraid to share some of yourself too.

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Think before you hit Update. Even if you are being yourself, sometimes it is best to remember that every tweet you send will be there forever, on it’s own webpage and in the minds instantly of all who follow you. If you are feeling emotional, angry or confrontational and aren’t 100% certain that you won’t regret your statement maybe just let it sit for a few minutes before you hit send. Imagine your grandma, your children, your boss, your pastor (or other religious figure) reading your Tweet. If you’re OK with that, hit Update."

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