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I was getting tired with Facebook. There is too much of apps. and automation of everything, I thought.

Home - VisualSage: "Visual Sage for Facebook is an innovative Facebook chat and desktop application implemented by VisualSage team of Minesage, an innovative software technology company. This cool Facebook application is built upon Microsoft's new technology WPF. It shows all your friends at Facebook in a network."

This week I changed my mind. The social network does have a value if I'm active myself. Facebook isn't a website or a television program. It isn't a blog, neither a newspaper. Just reading watching and listening doesn't give you much. FB is a place for interaction, just like Twitter and Jaiku. There is no value in those if you just drop in and have a look for what's going on. You have to work your garden to make it bloom.

Visual Sage for Facebook is a desktop application that provides easy access to many Facebook's primary functions, including Facebook Notification, Poke, Profile, Photo browsing, Chat and Instant Messenger. The application, formerly named Face chat, provides chat functionality, which allows you to instant communicate with your friends on Facebook. You can also arrange and optimize your network by grouping your friends to subnets.

Haven't checked this yet...

Visual Sage for Facebook brings live to your social network. You can chat with your friends online and offline. Enjoy exploring Facebook by VisualSage and we are looking forward to your feedbacks and feature requests. Visual Sage is 100% free to download. Enjoy this cool Facebook App and Chat with your Facebook friend now!"

Maybe... I haven't made up my mind yet.
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