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Bioenergy on the road

Tomorrow morning, we start early at 6 h 00 and drive five hours to the west coast of Finland. The day will be all about bioenergy: 1 to 20 MW combined heat and power (CHP).
Olli is working with his masters thesis workHow many CHP plant producers do we have in Europe?What is the future of bioenergy in Finland, Nordic countries, Balticum and Central EuropeThe global reach is not the central goal for the momentWe've plenty of time to talk details during the drive from Loviisa to the west coast. I'll drive more about the discussions when we return back to Loviisa on Friday.

Open Innovation and Co-creation

Market research, global field sales, marketing and business communication services.

Understanding how innovations emerge and what is needed to build successful global business operations.

Cost-effective business models and global collaboration, co-creation and open innovation.

Organizing international operations for shortest ways to new markets and success.

Working together in cross-border and cross-cultural projects on a global scale.

Social Networking, Knowledge Management and Social Intelligence accumulation combined with Open Source Methodology.

Sharing experience about what makes good ideas, excellent products and services to succeed and not to fail in the market place.

Boulevard Seabstopol

Hello Paris, France, thinking about you.
La FayetteShoppingSocial MediaSocial NetworksWe're planning the next step.

Apple: Dragged Kicking and Screaming Into Business Computing? | HaveMacWillBlog (aka Robin Bloor’s Blog)

Robin Blor writes in his blog about Apple: Dragged Kicking and Screaming Into Business Computing? | HaveMacWillBlog (aka Robin Bloor’s Blog): "Taking a broad perspective, perhaps the most important current focus for Apple is to gain firmer control of the home entertainment market. Apple may have stolen the music market with the iPod, but the video market is going to be a much rougher competition. And in harmony with that, Apple is also stalking the telco world, stitching new iPhone deals with wireless carriers. Indeed, according to reports, Apple has tripled the market for the iPhone with the recent deals it has made - making the world’s best known phone available to a subscriber base of over 450 million people. Apple doesn’t need to be distracted.

"It sounds very sober, doesn’t it? But actually it’s not a very sober way to look at things," Robin continues.

Apple has been on my mind since the early 1980's but I'm a PC-user now. We don't have Apple Stores in Fi…

Enterprise 2.0 evolution 2006/2008

"Web 2.0 goes for Enterprise 2.0," I wrote November 10, 2006. It was during the IST 2006 in Helsinki.

You've optimized experiences. What are rich Internet applications? Ajax and Flex are tools.

Engaging user experience improves productivity and user adoption. Rich Internet Applications change the way users interact with Enterprise applications.

Web 2.0 can be defined as interactive and dynamic, it's also marked by websites that get updated frequently.

A human tone of voice and communication methods

User generated content and interaction

Blogs and Wikis are the work horses of Web 2.0

Podcasts and Videocasts are new toolsets

Informal and conversational tone is important

Interact with customers and taking out the complexity

Branding your personal experience (me becoming Cartier?)

Blogs can also be used for internal processes (You can start with internal blogs)

Web 2.0 started 2004, now Enterprise 2.0 is coming

Socialmedia characterized Web 2.…

Corporate Blogging Two Years Ago

Monday, November 13, 2006 Corporate World Meet Web2.0
Corporate World Meet Web2.0
Originally uploaded by gtmcknight. The corporate world meets Web 2.0. The next big step will be Enterprise 2.0.

I've learned that IBM wants to get into multimedia publishing, podcasting and videocasting. They have assigned an internal task force to work out a position for IBM.

How about other big companies in USA? What about big multinationals in Europe? Nokia is supporting the collaborative, podcasting, blogging and mobcasting movement.

What about Central European companies? I don't have a crisp and clear picture.

It seems that "this blogging thing" is still very much a grass roots, user generated or citizens journalism movement.

HelsinginSanomat, Finland's biggest daily newspaper, has a number of journalists blogging about various themes.

I started blogging in Kauppalehti, the Finnish Business Daily, in October 2006. Some of the activists there have been blogging since. The blogosphere w…

ECRM Guide Microsoft delivering Dynamics

ECRM Guide: "The software giant began delivering its Dynamics CRM Online service today, a Microsoft-hosted version of the company's Dynamics CRM 4 customer relationship management software.

Dynamics CRM Online, which Microsoft first demonstrated in July at its Worldwide Partner Conference, was originally named Dynamics CRM Live. However, Microsoft changed the name in March to more closely identify the branding as part of its Dynamics Online product offerings.

The hosted Dynamics Online products are a part of the business side of its 'software-plus-services' initiative, which aims to transform the company from strictly a software provider to a model that provides software as services via a computing 'cloud' built to use the giant datacenters the company is working to set up around the world."

I missed the Microsoft Dynamics seminar at Messuhalli in Helsinki, Finland this year.

Cisco is selling well in Japan

Surprisingly strong sales in Japan helped Cisco overcome weakness in the U.S. and Europe. CEO John Chambers said on the company's conference call that he thinks the U.S. downturn will be short-lived.

The crowd speaking about "U.S. downturn will be short-lived" is growing. Is the U.S. economy strong enough to handle the sub-prime and banking crisis? Time will show.

A fully interactive way to meet online!

I'm reading a booklet about "Web Meeting Applications for Dummies" written by Nancy Stevenson and Clark Scheffy. I got it at the Cisco 2008 Expo in Helsinki a few weeks ago. WebEx promises "Fully interactive way to meet online!" and the WebEx idea is founded upon the vision of bringing people together from anywhere in the world.

Online webmeetings enable people to work together in real-time on the Web - as if they were sitting next to each other. A sales rep in London can review documents with a partner in Oulu, Finland.

Companies large and small turn to "webinars" to satisfy their collaboration and communication needs for:
marketing events
sales meetings
training sessions
customer supportremote technical support
Web based collaboration makes the world an easier place where to do business. The company WebEx is based in Santa Clara, California. I guess their regional office is located in Amsterdam, Holland. There was someone trying to place a call yesterday w…

WebEx promises business growth

Accelerate project project cycles and drive business growth. What more could a businessman or entrepreneur want?
Interact with anyone, anywhere, any time to finish a projects fasterMeet over the web in real-timeLaunch or join a meeting using any web browserCommunicate information and share any documents, presentations, and applications just as if you were together with the person
How can we move projects through faster and boost growth for all facets of my organization? The idea is to incorporate "WebEx Meeting Center into my business process and empower our networking workforce with online collaboration" is quite interesting.
Bring remote designers, engineers and specialists together to review the latest plansConduct regular meetings between geographically scattered team membersHold lively creative sessions with marketing, sales and promotional teamsWhat can we do? Present products, yes. We can deliver interactive full-screen presentations and documents to participants. KK-Net…

Combining CRM and UCC

Oracle's CRM On Demand is teaching me, "Sales, marketing, and service automation are only the beginning. The most trusted name in CRM delivers the most comprehensive on-demand service - to unlock the value of your customers, for maximum business results and faster time to value.

The combination of UCC = unified communication and collaboration and CRM is progressing. UCC promises a flexible and time-saving approach to collaboration. We can form seamless teams and work together with people located in various places around the world.

Whether your organization is large or small - with customers just down the street or across the globe - managing sales, marketing, and customer service activities requires comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM).
Long-distance collaborationNext door collaborationCross-border collaborationSynchronous and asynchronous collaborationWho is in the office today?Is that person busy or free to participate?
Unless you know who your customers are, w…