Combining CRM and UCC

Oracle's CRM On Demand is teaching me, "Sales, marketing, and service automation are only the beginning. The most trusted name in CRM delivers the most comprehensive on-demand service - to unlock the value of your customers, for maximum business results and faster time to value.

The combination of UCC = unified communication and collaboration and CRM is progressing. UCC promises a flexible and time-saving approach to collaboration. We can form seamless teams and work together with people located in various places around the world.

Whether your organization is large or small - with customers just down the street or across the globe - managing sales, marketing, and customer service activities requires comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM).
  1. Long-distance collaboration
  2. Next door collaboration
  3. Cross-border collaboration
  4. Synchronous and asynchronous collaboration
  5. Who is in the office today?
  6. Is that person busy or free to participate?
Unless you know who your customers are, what they need, and how they buy, you can’t ensure you’ll have the right products or services at the right time and the right price. You’d expect the CRM market leader, with an estimated 4.6 million “live” users, to offer an on-demand solution that delivers unmatched benefits in these traditional CRM areas.

I've to study the information...How about the integration of Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Jaiku to CRM?
  1. Would you like to "make better business decisions, faster, with advanced analytics capabilities?"

  2. On-demand CRM offers "outstanding customer service with minimal overhead, via a built-in virtual contact center."

  3. And meet the precise requirements of customers in your industry, with industry-specific editions that dramatically reduce the need for costly customization.
Siebel CRM promises that "On-demand goes beyond basic sales, marketing, and service automation to offer a wide range of features that address the unique needs of your business, including."
  • Comprehensive and innovative sales, marketing, and service solutions that maximize your business results

  • Embedded analytics that provide the insight you need to make better decisions

  • A prebuilt data warehouse that helps you quickly analyze complex information through historical analyses (to spot trends over time)

  • A built-in virtual contact center that enables you to provide superior sales and service support without the upfront investment in hardware, software, and CTI (computer telephony integration) resources traditionally required to build a contact center

  • Industry-specific editions that help you unlock more customer value without expensive customizations

  • Front- to back -office integration that gives you 360-degree views of your customers and their relationship with your organization
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