ECRM Guide Microsoft delivering Dynamics

ECRM Guide: "The software giant began delivering its Dynamics CRM Online service today, a Microsoft-hosted version of the company's Dynamics CRM 4 customer relationship management software.

Dynamics CRM Online, which Microsoft first demonstrated in July at its Worldwide Partner Conference, was originally named Dynamics CRM Live. However, Microsoft changed the name in March to more closely identify the branding as part of its Dynamics Online product offerings.

The hosted Dynamics Online products are a part of the business side of its 'software-plus-services' initiative, which aims to transform the company from strictly a software provider to a model that provides software as services via a computing 'cloud' built to use the giant datacenters the company is working to set up around the world."

I missed the Microsoft Dynamics seminar at Messuhalli in Helsinki, Finland this year.
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