A fully interactive way to meet online!

I'm reading a booklet about "Web Meeting Applications for Dummies" written by Nancy Stevenson and Clark Scheffy. I got it at the Cisco 2008 Expo in Helsinki a few weeks ago. WebEx promises "Fully interactive way to meet online!" and the WebEx idea is founded upon the vision of bringing people together from anywhere in the world.

Online webmeetings enable people to work together in real-time on the Web - as if they were sitting next to each other. A sales rep in London can review documents with a partner in Oulu, Finland.

Companies large and small turn to "webinars" to satisfy their collaboration and communication needs for:
  1. marketing events
  2. sales meetings
  3. training sessions
  4. customer support
  5. remote technical support
Web based collaboration makes the world an easier place where to do business. The company WebEx is based in Santa Clara, California. I guess their regional office is located in Amsterdam, Holland. There was someone trying to place a call yesterday while I was on a Skype conference call. What a coincidence. Skype has some of the features for 1 to 1 or up to ten participants but I understand the advantages of WebEx when the number of participants is increasing. WebEx is better suited for enterprises.

I've used WebEx a few times. The next step would be to incorporate it into some of our projects as a standard component...or communication platform. I can meet people by simply using a web browser. What is needed?
  1. Broadband connection
  2. WebEx meeting account
  3. Sign up for an WebEx Meeting account online and start meeting immediately
Meetings are a necessary part of business. Today I've a live meeting with people traveling long distances to Loviisa but we could have these meetings over Internet as well with tools like WebEx.
  1. It's a browser based experience
  2. Take it anywhere and meet on the Web sharing visual presentations
    - applications
    - videos
    - powerpoints
    - douments
    - pictures
I would be happy to get more of these books to give away to our clients. But I've to get ready for the next face-to-face meeting starting after 55 minutes. Next time might be with WebEx.
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