WebEx promises business growth

Accelerate project project cycles and drive business growth. What more could a businessman or entrepreneur want?
  • Interact with anyone, anywhere, any time to finish a projects faster
  • Meet over the web in real-time
  • Launch or join a meeting using any web browser
  • Communicate information and share any documents, presentations, and applications just as if you were together with the person
How can we move projects through faster and boost growth for all facets of my organization? The idea is to incorporate "WebEx Meeting Center into my business process and empower our networking workforce with online collaboration" is quite interesting.
  1. Bring remote designers, engineers and specialists together to review the latest plans
  2. Conduct regular meetings between geographically scattered team members
  3. Hold lively creative sessions with marketing, sales and promotional teams
What can we do? Present products, yes. We can deliver interactive full-screen presentations and documents to participants. KK-Net can arrange seminars with ten to hundreds of participants. The service is delivered on demand over the WebEx MediaTone Network, a private network.

No new software or hardware is required, making it easy to implement and easy to scale as our needs change.

This is the time for face-to-face, one-to-one, and many-to-many collaboration. There are several platforms available. WebEx is one of them.

I think someone tried to contact us from Amsterdam today. Please, call me [Helge Keitel] over Skype "visualradio" is my ID.
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