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From Microsoft to Biotouch

"Today, Bill Gates is retiring as an employee of Microsoft to focus on his philanthropic foundation. More than any other single person, Gates defined the PC era. His products touch nearly every computer user on the planet. And he created what is still the biggest technology wealth machine in Microsoft. But now that he is leaving, who will fill his shoes?" asks Techcrunch.

Helge: The Microcomputer was a big step for the mankind thirty years ago.
"I don’t mean who will fill his shoes at Microsoft. Gates stepped back from day-to-day management years ago, handing his business responsibilities to CEO Steve Ballmer and technology responsibilities to chief software architect Ray Ozzie. What I mean is: Who will carry on his legacy and define the current Web era of computing?" Techcrunch continues.Steven Ballmer is a personalityRay Ozzie, who is he?
It is unlikely there will ever be another Bill Gates if for the only reason that Gates’ influence stemmed from his control of the…

Local Bloggers and the Traditional Media : East Coast Blogging

Local Bloggers and the Traditional Media : East Coast Blogging: "Local Bloggers and the Traditional Media."

June 15, 2008 · The other day at BlogPotomac, we were fortunate to hear a talk by Dan Beyers, the Local Business Editor of the Washington Post. Dan spoke about the impact of social media on traditional media and what the post is doing to adjust and acclimate. The video below is his actual talk.

Helge: Decided to blog this for future needs.

After his talk, there was some audience questions that Dan fielded. Being a local DC blogger I had one in mind that I wanted to ask, but the session ran out of time and I never go the chance to ask. Part of Dan’s talk revolved around how the Post can continue to develop its coverage of the local DC tech scene, which is in need of some legitimacy that some Post coverage would provide.

Recently the post Technology section signed a deal with Techcrunch to syndicate Techcrunch posts in the online Technology section. While this is prett…

Neurotech Reports - The Neurotechnology Resource

Neurotech Reports - The Neurotechnology Resource: "Neurotechnology, the application of electronics and engineering to the human nervous system, has now reached a level of commercial and scientific maturity that will produce enormous benefits to patients and profits to investors. Hundreds of thousands of people have already been helped by neurostimulation products that restore hearing to the deaf, movement to the paralyzed, and relief to those with chronic pain or neurological disorders. Please join us as we monitor the growth of this new industry and track the progress from medical technology to commercial products."

Learned about Neurotech Reports. Have to read it and comment later.

The Looming Ice Age for Social Network Giants - Profy.Com

The Looming Ice Age for Social Network Giants - Profy.Com: "With Facebook just overtaking MySpace in the social networking supremecy race, many believe things are pretty good for the two top dogs. However, there are those that believe hard times are ahead for the big networks, as smaller and more focused networks steal the attention and affections of advertisers.
More focused networks
I read a post the other day by Om Malik on the direction of advertising on social networks that really caught my attention. As Malik sees it, there are a few factors that will contribute to the inevitable downfall of the big social networking players.
Advertising in Social Networks
First, new traffic to sites like Facebook and MySpace is beginning to plateau; the remaining growth to such sites is coming largely from users outside the United States, but that is a relative trickle of growth in comparison to the huge adoption the sites experienced from within the U.S.
Facebook and MySpace aren't growi…

Job Losses and Surge in Oil Spread Gloom on Economy -

Job Losses and Surge in Oil Spread Gloom on Economy - "The unemployment rate surged to 5.5 percent in May from 5 percent — the sharpest monthly spike in 22 years — as the economy lost 49,000 jobs, registering a fifth consecutive month of decline, the Labor Department reported Friday."

By PETER S. GOODMAN Published: June 7, 2008 New York Times. "The weak jobs report, coupled with a staggering rise in the price of oil — up a record $10.75 a barrel to more than $138 — unleashed a feverish sell-off on Wall Street, sending the Dow Jones industrial average down nearly 400 points. The dollar plunged against several major currencies."

"For tens of millions of Americans struggling to pay bills, the jobs report added an official stamp of authority to a dispiriting reality they already know: A deteriorating labor market is eliminating paychecks just as they are needed to compensate for the soaring cost of food and fuel, and as the fall in house prices hacks aw…

Wikinomics and Barack Obama Facebook politics

Wikinomics: "Obama’s victory and the power of wikinomics | Don Tapscott | June 4th, 2008, 01:13pm

"I’m sitting in the airport lounge in Madrid, having just finished a fascinating conversation with Joseph Stiglitz (the Nobel prize winning economist) who happened to be sitting next to me. We (of course) were discussing the Obama campaign and what’s next," writes Don Tapscott.

Topscott has followed Barack Obama’s rise from political unknown to democratic party nominee with great interest. "Obama’s accomplishment is nothing short of extraordinary, and we agreed that his embrace of the power of mass collaboration and the Net Generation that was the difference."

Mr Topscott continues: "I think Peter Leyden put it best - as quoted in Andrew Sullivan’s article Barack Obama is the master of the new Facebook politics.

“What’s amazing is that Hillary built the best campaign that has ever been done in Democratic politics on the old model – she raised more money than anyo…