From Microsoft to Biotouch

"Today, Bill Gates is retiring as an employee of Microsoft to focus on his philanthropic foundation. More than any other single person, Gates defined the PC era. His products touch nearly every computer user on the planet. And he created what is still the biggest technology wealth machine in Microsoft. But now that he is leaving, who will fill his shoes?" asks Techcrunch.

Helge: The Microcomputer was a big step for the mankind thirty years ago.

"I don’t mean who will fill his shoes at Microsoft. Gates stepped back from day-to-day management years ago, handing his business responsibilities to CEO Steve Ballmer and technology responsibilities to chief software architect Ray Ozzie. What I mean is: Who will carry on his legacy and define the current Web era of computing?" Techcrunch continues.

  1. Steven Ballmer is a personality
  2. Ray Ozzie, who is he?

It is unlikely there will ever be another Bill Gates if for the only reason that Gates’ influence stemmed from his control of the computing platform of choice (the PC, through Windows). The computing platform of choice today is the Web, and no single person or company can control that. But there are plenty of Web company founders out there—from large companies to small startups—that are turning the Web into a platform for applications and creating new kinds of software as a result.

  • I agree, it's the web
  • Web based platforms might be the way for creating a global Biotouch

In fact, there are many application platforms emerging on the Web. There is Facebook and Open Social for social networking apps. AppExchange for enterprise apps. And more generic cloud computing services such as Amazon’s Web Services and Google’s App Engine for any kind of app. And soon these will be extended to mobile devices as well with the iPhone and Google’s Android.

  • Facebook is interesting
  • Open social is still open
  • Google Apps.
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