Local Bloggers and the Traditional Media : East Coast Blogging

Local Bloggers and the Traditional Media : East Coast Blogging: "Local Bloggers and the Traditional Media."

June 15, 2008 · The other day at BlogPotomac, we were fortunate to hear a talk by Dan Beyers, the Local Business Editor of the Washington Post. Dan spoke about the impact of social media on traditional media and what the post is doing to adjust and acclimate. The video below is his actual talk.

Helge: Decided to blog this for future needs.

After his talk, there was some audience questions that Dan fielded. Being a local DC blogger I had one in mind that I wanted to ask, but the session ran out of time and I never go the chance to ask. Part of Dan’s talk revolved around how the Post can continue to develop its coverage of the local DC tech scene, which is in need of some legitimacy that some Post coverage would provide.

Recently the post Technology section signed a deal with Techcrunch to syndicate Techcrunch posts in the online Technology section. While this is pretty cool acknowledgment for Techcrunch, I think this same model could be used for the post to reach out to local bloggers and get a better foothold into the local social media scene. There are several of us that are trying to cover and evangelize some of the good things taking place here and I think the post could do well to maybe syndicate some of those works."
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