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Fisker Automotive: Environmentally friendly, premium cars featuring plug-in hybrid technology >> Company >> Our Mission

Fisker Automotive: Environmentally friendly, premium cars featuring plug-in hybrid technology >> Company >> Our Mission: "Fisker Automotive is a green American premium sports car company with a mission to create a range of beautiful environmentally friendly cars that make environmental sense without compromise.

Helge: I wrote a blog posting about the Tessler electric car and get a lot of readers to that post.

The concept was created between two independent companies who clearly wanted to make a difference in not only the automotive industry, but to the environment as well. Fisker Coachbuild, LLC and Quantum Technologies announced this joint venture partnership in September 2007. Fisker Coachbuild will provide exclusive design services for Fisker Automotive while Quantum Technologies (QTWW - a publicly traded company) will provide the latest technological advancements. Each car will feature cutting-edge plug-in hybrid penned as Q DRIVE exclusively for all Fisker Automot…

Promote Me.dium and Social Search

I got this information through Twitter today.

Promote Me.dium: "We’ve been expecting you… will you be our next revolutionary? Be the first to socialize the web. Here is where we redefine the way people search the Internet, communicate, and share content. CU is helping us change the Internet from a feeling of being alone in a dark basement to a social atmosphere where we experience the web together.

Helge: A new social atmosphere...

Interested in joining the Social Revolution? Discover what it feels like to be part of the first crowd-powered search engine, a Social Search where Google’s web crawlers are not only unwelcome but utterly useless. The Social Search gives you accurate results specifically pertaining to you. As trends happen and the crowd activity changes, so do your Social Search results. There’s no need to be told where Homepages and Wikipedia posts are, you already know. Get results influenced by what other people are looking at right now. The days of sponsored links a…

Network Marketing

This video is from the nick "mmagolnick" speaking about network marketing.

He talks about the pros and cons of network marketing.

He says, "The greatest advantage of network marketing is the business ownership."

Network marketing is often compared or confused with pyramid marketing structures.

In average with a $25 000 sales you can make 10 % in commission. That means a $2 500 per month in earnings.

Think what you like about network marketing. I feel this person explains the idea quite well.

Installed Firefox 3.0

I installed Firefox 3.0 and hope it will be working well. The first problem occurred when I wanted to get a Finnish "oikolukusanasto". The old version doesn't work. What should I do? Get back to the older version or start using Word again?

Twittermaven writes about Twitter

Twittermaven: "Many of us have found Twitter to be much more than a messaging platform, but a real community where friends, business partners, and acquaintances get together for conversation. This blog seeks to answer questions, point out tips, identify cool tools and talk about Twitter. Hopefully it will be helpful to newcomers and experts alike. It is patterned after the great Facebook related blogs Inside Facebook, All Facebook, and FaceReviews. There is a lot of great discussion going on about Twitter on many blogs. I won't duplicate those ideas, but hopefully this central place will make them easier to find," writes Twittermaven.

You can learn more about him, Warren Sukernek, here. Yesterday Warren Sukernek wrote about Twitter spam.
Saturday, July 12, 2008Spam, spam, spamLately it seems like 1/3 of my new followers are spammers.You know who they are.Usually they have some strange number at the end of their name, like Stella214, Sarah717 or MikeGravel832. (Sorry, I us…

iPhone in Finland

What should I say about iPhone? How important is it for Finnish consumer?

Apple has a strong global potential even though the market share is still very small.

But Apple iPhone in Nokialand, Finland, is still a big question mark.

I like a number of things that Apple does.

Apple has a great strategy for engaging its enthusiasts, but I think the company has still a long way to go before Nokia becomes the main target.

Apple is great in America and a new-comer in Europe. The picture is reversed for Nokia. Nokia's role in North America has diminished.

New global about innovation and ICT

New global: "At the beginning of the 21st century, innovation in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) such as the increased maturity of broadband technologies and ubiquitous/ambient computing are providing advanced opportunities for an emerging generation of networked collaborative working environments (NWE). These have the potential to substantially boost the effectiveness and productivity of working processes at the individual, office, team, and (inter-)company level."

Ne global continues: "However, not much is known yet about the critical factors that will decide about the success of NWE, how collaboration across nations and continents will impact on the European economy, and what both mean in terms of demand for specific EU policy-making. This is a deeply unsatisfactory situation, as public debate about globalization related activities of companies is increasingly dominated by reports about massive lay-offs resulting from cross-border relocation of jobs, an…