New global about innovation and ICT

New global: "At the beginning of the 21st century, innovation in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) such as the increased maturity of broadband technologies and ubiquitous/ambient computing are providing advanced opportunities for an emerging generation of networked collaborative working environments (NWE). These have the potential to substantially boost the effectiveness and productivity of working processes at the individual, office, team, and (inter-)company level."

Ne global continues: "However, not much is known yet about the critical factors that will decide about the success of NWE, how collaboration across nations and continents will impact on the European economy, and what both mean in terms of demand for specific EU policy-making. This is a deeply unsatisfactory situation, as public debate about globalization related activities of companies is increasingly dominated by reports about massive lay-offs resulting from cross-border relocation of jobs, and other proclaimed negative consequences of globalized production systems."

Helge: The old continent is struggling...

Policies and Strategies Forstering Global Collaboration of European Companies
In this forum we will share with you key insights from the New Global study ranging from the results of a pan-European survey amongst SME's on the use of ICT-based, global collaboration to good pracice cases of innovative global collaboration by leading European companies.
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