Promote Me.dium and Social Search

I got this information through Twitter today.

Promote Me.dium: "We’ve been expecting you… will you be our next revolutionary? Be the first to socialize the web. Here is where we redefine the way people search the Internet, communicate, and share content. CU is helping us change the Internet from a feeling of being alone in a dark basement to a social atmosphere where we experience the web together.

Helge: A new social atmosphere...

Interested in joining the Social Revolution? Discover what it feels like to be part of the first crowd-powered search engine, a Social Search where Google’s web crawlers are not only unwelcome but utterly useless. The Social Search gives you accurate results specifically pertaining to you. As trends happen and the crowd activity changes, so do your Social Search results. There’s no need to be told where Homepages and Wikipedia posts are, you already know. Get results influenced by what other people are looking at right now. The days of sponsored links are over. No longer will corporate America tell you what sites are most relevant.

Helge: Crowd-powered Social Search...

Social Search

Want to know more about the crowds influencing your search? Come on, just a little curious? Well good, because that’s the best part. The results you search for are coming from the people around you. By installing your Social Toolbar you can start enhancing the quality and relevance of the Social Search engine’s results too..."

Helge: More information about crowd powered social search on this page.

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