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Twittermaven: "Many of us have found Twitter to be much more than a messaging platform, but a real community where friends, business partners, and acquaintances get together for conversation. This blog seeks to answer questions, point out tips, identify cool tools and talk about Twitter. Hopefully it will be helpful to newcomers and experts alike. It is patterned after the great Facebook related blogs Inside Facebook, All Facebook, and FaceReviews. There is a lot of great discussion going on about Twitter on many blogs. I won't duplicate those ideas, but hopefully this central place will make them easier to find," writes Twittermaven.

You can learn more about him, Warren Sukernek, here. Yesterday Warren Sukernek wrote about Twitter spam.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spam, spam, spam

Lately it seems like 1/3 of my new followers are spammers. You know who they are. Usually they have some strange number at the end of their name, like Stella214, Sarah717 or MikeGravel832. (Sorry, I usually include links to twitter accounts, but due to the subject, I don’t want to provide any traffic). Other than a weird name, how can you identify a spammer? Usually you can tell from the following signs:
  • They do not engage in conversations with anyone (no @warrenss, for example), but just broadcast a single message often multiple times.
  • They usually use false profiles.
  • They often follow thousands of people.
  • And their following/follower ratio is often highly skewed, they follow at least 5-10X as many people that follow them.
  • Most use the twitter default avatar (no photo).
Their goal is get you to click on the link in their stream or their profile. Now we all are very interested in get rich quick schemes, penile implants, car mileage enhancers, etc. So how could we have survived on twitter without them?? I don’t if there is a bad book out there that they are following, but I am seeing more and more of them. And now it looks like some companies in their haste to get on twitter are exhibiting the same behavior.

Helge: I don't follow Twitter in such detail but spam, spam, spam has destroyed the usability of email. If the clutter goes over all popular applications we are going to see the destruction of anything that becomes popular and attracts mass usage.

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