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Future of Banking and Investment

We all need to think about the future.

The one word that is more important than technology, innovation, banking, and many other thins, that is emotions.

Market research can't tell you the future. We need other means to look at what the future can bring to us.

The future is about emotions.

The Avigo SME Fund II investing in India

The Avigo SME Fund II: "Avigo SME Fund II (the Fund ), is a private equity fund of target size $100 million with the purpose of investing in significant minority stakes to meet the growth and expansion needs of Small and Medium Enterprises in India. The Fund will be managed by Avigo Capital Partners (the Manager), who has managed a predecessor fund, Avigo SME Fund I."

Helge: I'm following the work of investment funds in this blog during the coming months.

The mutual decision Blog about Investmenet funds

I'm looking for blogs that write about mutual investment funds and funds investing in small and medium size industries. In addition, we're talking about future possibilities at the kknetwork. Let's take a look at the Mutual decision blog and learn about the writer Bill Burnes.
About the MUTUALDecision Blog The MUTUALdecision Blog covers the world of mutual funds - bringing you mutual fund analysis, insights, information, and commentary from experts in the field. We invite your comments and perspectives.
About Our Blogger. Bill Byrnes is a co-founder of MUTUALdecision, a web site dedicated to helping mutual fund investors. He has been an investment banker with Alex. Brown and Sons and is a former Distinguished Teaching Professor of Finance in the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. He has been CEO, chairman and served on the board of directors of a number of public and private companies and has been the director of an institutional fund. Bill has invested f…

Microsoft Outbids Quadrangle Private Investment Fund by $60 Million for Greenfield | Profy | Internet news and commentary

Svetlana Gladkova writes in her blog about Microsofts purchase of the European Greenfield.

Microsoft Outbids Quadrangle Private Investment Fund by $60 Million for Greenfield | Profy | Internet news and commentary: "But what is really interesting to me is that I have found a press release on the Ciao press page dated June 17, 2008 stating that Greenfield enters an agreement to be acquired by private investment firm Quadrangle Group LLC. In June the price the investment firm was supposed to pay equaled approximately $426 million (at $15.5 per share while Microsoft will now pay $17.5 per share). Earlier this week (on Tuesday) Greenfield Online announced that it had received a superior offer and was going to terminate the agreement with Quadrangle.

Svetlana reports: "I have no first-hand information on why this transaction has not been completed and why the company stayed independent to be sold to Microsoft only a little over 2 months later at a price increased by $60 million. I …

Russia Is Rising In Internet Population

I got this message to my gmail account. Russia is rising. Svetlana Gladukova could tell more about this. I quote what TechCrunch is writing today:

"Russia Is Rising In Internet Population: "For Web companies looking to expand abroad, Russia needs to be at the top of their list of markets to enter. Russia has the fastest growing Internet population in Europe, followed by France and Spain. In a comparison of 16 European Internet populations by country, comScore reports that Russia’s Internet audience for the month of June grew 27 percent year over year, compared to 21 percent growth in France and 15 percent growth in Spain. (Is Russia part of Europe? It is for the purposes of this analysis). If you look at the total size of the Internet populations in each country, however, Russia ranks fifth with 17.5 million monthly Internet visitors. But by Internet penetration, Russia ranks last, with only 14 percent of the total population online. So there is still lots of room for growth …


Tweetrush: "Tweetrush is a service based on our Rush Hour engine that aims to provide estimated stats on Twitter usage over a period of time. Feel free to click on the top graph for more detailed information about Twitter usage for a given date. You can find out more about us by reading our About section."

While you wait for Jaiku to come back, take a look at your twitter statistics.

Jaiku has been down for several days

Jaiku has been down for several days. They are moving it over to Google servers. The work started over the weekend. The service was down an hour ago.

How to Compete for Corporate Reputation | Cara Good | remarx

How to Compete for Corporate Reputation | cara good | remarx: "How to Compete for Corporate Reputation

Posted on | August 24, 2008 | Cara Good shares trends in communications and insights gathered as a public relations executive and social entrepreneur.

"Many of you know that I am a founding director of the Technology Leadership Political Action Committee, a bipartisan organization that will increase participation among Southern California’s high-tech community to impact public policy issues vital to economic growth and quality of life in our region. In my work with tech companies, I’ve seen first-hand how companies that set aside the time and funds to build their corporate reputation through public relations and government advocacy accelerate faster than those that don’t. In my new blog entry on the TLPAC site, I talk about how to compete for corporate reputation by garnering government support in doing business. I’d love to get your comments and hear your stories about your …

A. Kipta's Blog: Web 2.0 definition updated and Enterprise 2.0 emerges

A. Kipta's Blog: Web 2.0 definition updated and Enterprise 2.0 emerges: "SLATES describes the combined use of effective enterprise search and discovery, using links to connect information together into a meaningful information ecosystem using the model of the Web, providing low-barrier social tools for public authorship of enterprise content, tags to let users create emergent organizational structure, extensions to spontaneously provide intelligent content suggestions similar to Amazon's recommendation system, and signals to let users know when enterprise information they care about has been published or updated, such as when a corporate RSS feed of interest changes.

While SLATES forms the basic framework of Enterprise 2.0, it does not negate all of the higher level Web 2.0 design patterns and business models."

Visual Understanding Environment

Visual Understanding Environment: "The Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) is an Open Source project based at Tufts University. The VUE project is focused on creating flexible tools for managing and integrating digital resources in support of teaching, learning and research. VUE provides a flexible visual environment for structuring, presenting, and sharing digital information."

Helge: That's an interesting tool. and the new media man "I need your help. Actually I need your vote. I am putting together a panel for the 2009 SXSW Interactive Festival also known as South by Southwest in Austin Texas. I have proposed a panel to help answer the question “What Does A Community Manager Do?”

So if you could please click on this link: Vote for Dave! Once there please register and vote. So thank you in advance.

At this time I will be having three amazing and knowledge people on the panel with me. First there is Jake McKee is an evangelist for customer collaboration, online communities, and fan groups. He has a rich background in Web development, community management, business strategy, and product development.

Currently he is the Principal and Chief Ant Wrangler at Ant’s Eye View, a Dallas-based customer collaboration strategy practice. In a past life, Jake was the Global Community Relations Specialist for the LEGO Company, where he spent five years on the front lines of customer-company interaction."

The Social Toolbar

It's fun when people respond. gfiggy wrote me and email and I decided to blog more about the site she promotes. Comments is what keeps a blogger going.

Designed for College students, the Social Toolbar takes instant messaging and makes it badass. Instead of chatting back and forth aimlessly, now we give you something to talk about. With the Social toolbar you and your friends can literally watch the same Youtube videos in real time and chat about them. Don’t worry about meeting up for that group project – we’ve made surfing together easy. So start researching, Facebooking and procrastinating together in the Social toolbar.

I'm not a college student anymore but I write about these things anyway. Facebook started at schools and universities. Now the baby-boomers are using it.

gfiggy @digitalvillages thanks for the blog on Me.dium :) Did you hear about www.jointhesocialrevolution... from me or another twitter source? from web in re…

Savy Auntie Founder Melanie Notkin

Interview with Melanie Notkin, Founder SavvyAuntie Favorite.

Melanie is telling about the website. US is big enough for many kinds of niche websites.

Finland is a another story. The native language is spoken by little over five million people in this country, a few hundred thousand in Sweden, USA, Canada, and Australia.

Mealnie used to be with American Express

"I know nothing about children," she tells and gets idea to create a web sites for aunties and women with no kids.