The Social Toolbar

It's fun when people respond. gfiggy wrote me and email and I decided to blog more about the site she promotes. Comments is what keeps a blogger going.

Designed for College students, the Social Toolbar takes instant messaging and makes it badass. Instead of chatting back and forth aimlessly, now we give you something to talk about. With the Social toolbar you and your friends can literally watch the same Youtube videos in real time and chat about them. Don’t worry about meeting up for that group project – we’ve made surfing together easy. So start researching, Facebooking and procrastinating together in the Social toolbar.

I'm not a college student anymore but I write about these things anyway. Facebook started at schools and universities. Now the baby-boomers are using it.

Ginevra Figg gfiggy @digitalvillages thanks for the blog on Me.dium :) Did you hear about www.jointhesocialrevolution... from me or another twitter source?
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