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Neuromarketing » Banking Mess: Blame Our Brains

Neuromarketing » Banking Mess: Blame Our Brains: "As the current financial chaos moves toward some kind of resolution, there will no doubt be plenty of Monday morning quarterbacking to explain what went wrong. One group that one wouldn’t expect to have explanations are neuroscientists. As it turns out, neuroscience researchers actually can shed some light on why things went so wrong.

One of the first questions that everyone asks is how so many seemingly intelligent people could make so many errors in judgment. One simple answer, of course, is greed - at least some individuals saw a way to profit personally by making poor business decisions (loaning money to people unlikely to be able to pay it back, insuring such loans, rating securities based on these shaky loans, and so on).

While there’s little doubt in my mind that personal interest was the biggest underlying factor, systemic factors and even biology likely played a role. By systemic factors I mean the way many of these markets…

InternetNews Realtime IT News - Cisco Mashes Up Collaboration

InternetNews Realtime IT News - Cisco Mashes Up Collaboration: "Cisco has always been in the business of connecting people with networking technology. The network -- and how it and its tools can be extended -- is now also the backbone for Cisco's latest push into the world of enterprise collaboration.

Helge: I participated in the Cisco Helsinki 2008 congress a few months ago and UC was the central theme.

The company today is rolling out new updates to its Unified Communications platform (UC) with UC version 7.0, along with a new applications platform called Cisco WebEx Connect, for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) collaboration mashups.

Helge: WebEx is an interesting application also for SMEs.

The new collaboration solutions come as competition in the area from Microsoft, Avaya and IBM grows ever more fierce. At the same time, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) has also been countering with its own acquisition spree, acquiring e-mail vendor PostPath and instant messaging vendor Jabber.

Helge: IBM w…

Peak oil: postponed • The Register

Peak oil: postponed • The Register: "Oil supplies will actually last for far longer than our politicians think, the scaremongers fear, and the oil companies tell us. So says Dr Richard Pike, head of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and someone who isn’t afraid to stir controversy. Whither, then, Peak Oil?

In a wide-ranging interview, Dr Pike talked about energy independence, Peak Oil, and how to educate our scientifically illiterate elites.

Before becoming chief executive of the RCS, Pike spent twenty five years in the oil industry. His background hasn’t prevented him from calling for alternative energy sources to fossil fuels, and making criticisms that have embarrassed industry executives, latterly over the amount of oil lost to leakages.

But the most intriguing argument is that we’re simply not told the truth about how long oil supplies will last. Conventional wisdom reports the oil reserves as 1.2 trillion barrels. There’s far more than the oil companies report. This is neither c…

Cisco CIO: Rebecca Jacoby | CIO Sessions Vision Series on ZDNet

Cisco CIO: Rebecca Jacoby | CIO Sessions Vision Series on ZDNet: "Cisco CIO: Rebecca Jacoby
Deploying collaboration to the enterprise. Rebecca Jacoby, CIO of Cisco talks to ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das about adding new collaboration tools such as TelePresence and Unified Communications inside the enterprise. She also shares her views on managing IT for more than 50,000 employees worldwide, and why she’s been called one of the most extroverted CIOs in Silicon Valley."

Helge: Unified Communication and Collaboration is the tool for future Enterprises. Many to Many communication is going to be the next big thing.

blog maverick about the US banking crisis

Blog Maverick writes about the US banking and housing crisis. While writing my comments to his blog, I learn that Hewlett-Packard is going to decrease its workforce with 25 000 people. Half of them are from US. Blog Maverick explains why the CEOs are willing to take very high risks and various crisis at the Wall Street will come again and again.

blog maverick: "If you are the CEO of a major public company, once you qualify for your golden parachute there is absolutely no reason not to throw the Hail Mary pass, and do high risk deals every chance you get.

If you run a major hedge fund or fund of any kind, once you have put enough cash in the bank to get to your “F U Money Level” there is absolutely no reason not to throw the Hail Mary pass and make high risk investments every chance you get.

What is the down side ? Lets just say for example, you run Fannie May or Freddie Mac. You basically fuck up the entire housing economy. Your punishment ? You walk away with 9mm and 14mm dollars a…

Ross Foresees Many Bank Collapses (and Opportunities) - Mergers, Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds -- DealBook - New York Times

Are we going to vitness the collapse of more than thousand banks in US?

Ross Foresees Many Bank Collapses (and Opportunities) - Mergers, Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds -- DealBook - New York Times: "As the reverberations following the stunning developments in the financial industry over the weekend began to spread, Wilbur Ross, founder of private equity firm WL Ross & Company, made his prediction for what to expect next.

The investor told CNBC that he expects as many as a thousand U.S. bank closures in the coming months.

The billionaire investor, who made his fortune betting on distressed industries, told the news service that the closures will create opportunities for investors, with Mr. Ross himself looking to pick up smaller distressed institutions.

“I do think a lot of the regional ones will [close], just as they did in the last savings and loan crisis in the 1990s,” Mr. Ross told CNBC.

Mr. Ross told CNBC that there will be too many people willing to provide capita…

RunToShop Ltd - Contact Us

Let me tell about a new shopping district that was introduced to me last week by Toni Paloheimo.

RunToShop Ltd - Contact Us: "Toni Paloheimo, Head of Product Marketing
+358 40 028 8208toni.paloheimo@runtoshop.comskype: afreelunchPapan puotiToni Paloheimo is a visionary and innovator, always striving for new and novel. Prior to joining RunToShop he has worked a few years as a management consultant at Accenture and later building internationalization and e-commerce strategies for Itella (former Finland Post Corporation). Toni is also known as the founder of Yritys 2.0, a crowdsourced project for writing an online book on enterprise 2.0. In his spare time, when not with his family, Toni is constantly trying out new things, the latest of them being diving."

Helge: I created my own shop in Finnish language here:

Being Peter Kim: A List of Social Media Marketing Examples

Being Peter Kim profiles himself as a "Digital yawp over the desktops of the world" and I learned about his blog through Friendfeed. Who is Peter Kim?
I'm working on an enterprise social computing startup. It's based out of Austin, currently in stealth mode and will help a new type of business leader.Helge: My Twitter friend Conniereece is also from Austin.
I was most recently an analyst at Forrester Research in Boston, focusing on the intersection of social technology and marketing strategy. I won internal awards for Best Research and Top Keynote, publishing 36 research documents and highly rated for client speeches, advisory and workshops.Helge: We try to do the same with
Public speaking appearances as a keynote, undercard, moderator, or panelist include: Ad Club of Boston, ARF, AMA, CTAM, Darden Executive Education, DMA, Forrester events in the US and Europe, Luxury Interactive Summit, MITX, WOMMA, and many private client events - sales…

Big Week for WiMax at CTIA SF Sidecut Reports

Helge: Learned about this from Twitter.

» Big Week for WiMax at CTIA SF Sidecut Reports: "Big Week for WiMax at CTIA SF

Demo vs. TechCrunch? Who cares! The biggest real news this week is likely to come from the CTIA’s Wireless I.T. & Entertainment show in San Francisco, where WiMax services in the U.S. are likely to get a big boost if the keynote speakers come through with some real meat.

Helge: WiMax, I want you!

And by real meat we mean hard announcement dates for the launches of WiMax services from Sprint and Clearwire, beginning with the former’s debut Xohm network in Baltimore and the latter’s tested-so-much-launch-it-already network in Portland, Ore. With both Sprint CEO Dan Hesse and Clearwire chairman Craig McCaw on the CTIA keynote slate, we expect nothing but chewy delivery deadlines and perhaps a side dish of pricing plans.


See, lots of us remember the Vegas CTIA show earlier this year, where Sprint was all lined up to tout Xohm but instead let the moment pass wit…