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Let me tell about a new shopping district that was introduced to me last week by Toni Paloheimo.

RunToShop Ltd - Contact Us: "Toni Paloheimo, Head of Product Marketing
  • +358 40 028 8208
  • skype: afreelunch
  • Papan puoti
Toni Paloheimo is a visionary and innovator, always striving for new and novel. Prior to joining RunToShop he has worked a few years as a management consultant at Accenture and later building internationalization and e-commerce strategies for Itella (former Finland Post Corporation). Toni is also known as the founder of Yritys 2.0, a crowdsourced project for writing an online book on enterprise 2.0. In his spare time, when not with his family, Toni is constantly trying out new things, the latest of them being diving."

Helge: I created my own shop in Finnish language here:
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