Change Managment in a Downturn

We're planning important changes:
  1. We will introduce new front-end players
  2. A new service design will be introduced
  3. We offer new modernized services
What's the next big thing?
  1. Business growth doesn't support new products and innovation
  2. Now is the time to differentiate
New people and new products
  1. Designing the Service of the future
  2. Implementing the necessary organizational changes
  3. Financing short and long term transformation
Growth is necessary for us
  1. We've decided to grow
  2. We need new talented people
  3. We've to move fast from present to tomorrow's structure
The challenge is
  1. We've to be decisive
  2. We've to implement the plans
  3. We've to move fast
  4. We've to maintain a good positive cash-flow
What else?
  1. We need our customers support and commitment
  2. It will take hard work
  3. We've a good infrastructure to rely on
Here are some stories about startups
  1. Arctic Startup
  2. Slush Helsinki
  3. What does Maria Jokelainen say?
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