Good Times: Rest in Peace | ArcticStartup

Learned about this slideshow and blogposting through Twitter and Vesterinen. It will be hard for SMEs to get funding and financing for some time.


Good Times: Rest in Peace | ArcticStartup: "The recent weeks’ downturn in the global economy has dramatically tightened the availability of funding for companies, not only startups but large companies alike. The downturn that started from the US with the uncovering off the sub-prime “fraud” has echoed its effects to all corners of the world as connections between financing houses begin to unravel.

Sequioa Capital, one of the most famous startup financing houses in the US, has held a secret meeting earlier this week. A slideshow from the meeting has fled to the public unraveling the contents of the meeting - short and long term scenarios for the world economy. The contents of the document are not very positive. If the name of the presentation is “RIP - Good times”, I think it says all."

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