We’re Not Rock Stars Anymore | How To Split An Atom

Hard times might hit the Silicon Valley. Startups will find it difficult to rally for money. Cash flow is going to be very important for those who like to survive. Some experts think that the Web 2.0 bubble burst can be worse than the dot.com crisis 2001.

We’re Not Rock Stars Anymore | How To Split An Atom: "The $15 Billion dollar question is whether tech (ahem — consumer web applications) are recession proof. One of the nice things about being in an industry that traditionally doesn’t produce revenue and relies heavily on the advertising industry, venture capital and black magic to keep it afloat is that you don’t spend a great deal of time worrying about consumer spending.

You do, however, start to care when all those ad dollars start running dry. Combine that with the fact that the traditional sentinels of technology — companies like eBay, HP and Amazon are starting to lay people off and the fact that we haven’t seen an IPO to speak of in 2 quarters and all of those “turn your assets into gold” infomercials start to look a little less speculative.

Should be get ready for another bubble? I can just see the pundits salivating."
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