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The BFF: Wake up call to Microsoft: Buy 'all' of Yahoo

I got this information through Twitter. The MS and Yahoo merger discussions might start again and this time the price tag is going to be much less than during the first round. Don Crowly writes about it. He suggests that MS should buy the whole thing. What is your opinion?

The BFF: Wake up call to Microsoft: Buy 'all' of Yahoo: "The BFF
The blog fueled frenzy written by Don CrowlySunday, November 30, 2008Wake up call to Microsoft: Buy 'all' of Yahoo
RRWs a new post about Microsoft maybe making a move for Yahoo search. This is a saga not a story. I have stated here often enough that MS buying Yahoo would be a great move. But this deal is totally useless. If Yahoo were to sell search to MS it would make Yahoo meaningless. The rest on it's own does not have enough traction to make waves. But buy all of Yahoo and you have an incredible presence on the web. Microsoft needs Yahoo's advertising arm, their Flickr, the yahoo homepage,, fireeagle and a ho…

GM, Ford, Chrysler, Opel, Saab and Volvo?

What happens to General Motors, Ford and Chrysler before the end of this year? Swedes are scared about the future of Volvo and Saab. What do you think?

Big changes are expected. The US steel industry has been restructured and is now in a much better shape. Some analysts think that the same should happen in the auto industry. That also goes for Sweden. Their shipbuilding is taken as an example. There is almost none of it left in Sweden.

What’s Your Need Of Financing? | ArcticStartup

I got this information through vesterinen on Twitter asking, "What’s Your Need Of Financing?"

What’s Your Need Of Financing? | ArcticStartup: "i2m - Ideas to market, a UK based research firm, has released some very interesting figures in terms of startup financing, according to Sun Startup Essential Blogs. They have researched some 800 entrepreneurs and small business owners over a variety of areas.

The key findings of the financial research has shown that about 40% of startups seek under 10,000 GBP to become profitable while 30% seek between 10,000 and 100,000 GBP to become profitable. Only about 15% of startups seek more than 100,000 GBP to become profitable.

Helge: This is interesting.

In the findings, Permjot Valia, a business angel and member of the British Business Angel Association describes that the engine of Britain’s entrepreneurial industry is friends and family. If you take this thinking to the Nordics, I’d say the results would be tilted towards …

Will Apple launch a netbook? And other burning questions | Between the Lines |

Apple on my mind this morning. There has been rumors about an Apple Notebook for some time. I find the pocket book size microcomputers intriguing and more appealing for my own needs than smart phones. Smart phones do have a lot of functions but their ergonomy doesn't support effective online writing. When is Nokia coming out with something in line with this? Please, let me know. Give me at least some rumors.

Error! in my introduction. It's not a small notebook. It's a NetBook! I confused myself with hopes about a pocket book sized Apple Notebook. I was wrong. My dreams didn't come true.

Will Apple launch a netbook? And other burning questions | Between the Lines | "Apple has said “it doesn’t do cheap,” but one analyst reckons that Steve Jobs & Co. will address the netbook market at some point–either with an 11-inch MacBook Air priced between $800 and $1,000 in 2009 or a tablet Mac in 2010.

Helge: The NetBook! They write about a Netbook and I was hoping…

Slush Helsinki November 24th 2008

I'm following #Slush through Jaiku. Several IRL friends are microblogging from the session.

Slush Helsinki November 24th 2008: "Slush Seven startup competition have been chosen

We received 21 very high quality applications out of which we needed to choose the Seven that had the best fit with Slush and had most potential to become successful startups with the initial push that Slush can provide.

The following startup teams will be presenting at Slush (in no particular order):

NixarnSiilein researchPot it!illmeFPCHilaClassicExplorer
Congratulation all the teams who made it to the final!"

AMC » Mad Men - Trudy Campbell

I've a new Twitte friend from AMC - Trudy Campbell. I like the style of AMC. The company has been around for a long time. I don't know. Should dig in the content to learn more.

AMC » Mad Men - Trudy Campbell: "Trudy Campbell is married to Pete Campbell, an Account Executive at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency. The two live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in a Park Avenue apartment. Her father, a salesman for Vicks Chemical, helped her husband get the Clearasil account for Sterling Cooper. Trudy herself tried to help Pete with his literary aspirations by speaking with an ex-boyfriend in the publishing industry. Her actions on Pete's behalf secured his short story a place in Boys' Life. Trudy's inability to get pregnant and Pete's ambivalence about becoming a parent cause her anxiety."

Shanghai Pudong Bank denies talk of restarting shares sale - People's Daily Online

There are some new world economic news this morning about Citygroup with over 300 000 employees. Citygroup has announced that 50 000 of its global workforce has to go. The global economy is taking a hard beating. Highly respected companies and banks are having big troubles.

Shanghai Pudong Bank denies talk of restarting shares sale - People's Daily Online: "Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, partly owned by Citigroup Inc., dismissed market talk that it would restart the plan of selling additional shares to boost capital.

'The bank has never said it would restart the additional shares sale plan,' Saturday's Shanghai Securities News cited Shen Si, directors board secretary, as saying.

In March, the mid-sized bank announced a plan of raising some 20 billion yuan (2.9 billion U.S. dollars) by selling 800 million additional shares.

Shanghai Pudong Bank slid 3.86 percent to 14.19 yuan on Friday amid investor fears the shares sale would dilute earnings and despite announcemen…

AMC » Mad Men - Francine Hanson

I know that something is boiling here. I get the message through Twitter. Need to analyze the evolution of events later this week. I need some press releases to see what AMC is heading for. The campaign is effective.

AMC » Mad Men - Francine Hanson: "Francine Hanson lives with her husband Carlton and their children in suburban Ossining, New York, in the same neighborhood as the Draper family. Because her husband makes secret phone calls to Manhattan and sleeps at the Waldorf two nights a week, Francine suspects her own husband of having an affair. She is one of Betty’s closest friends."

Sun cuts jobs

What started as a subprime and financial crisis is now spreading to the tech industry. Sales of PCs and mobile phones will be a demanding job during the Christmas season. Nokia's share value has dropped 55 billion dollars and there is only $35 bn left to go. We live in harsh times but one day when the prices are ricing some lucky people are going to make big gains on the stock market. The prices will not be down forever but who knows the names of the companies that are still around when the tide turns?

Is Obama Ready To Be A Two-Way President?

Barack Obama organized his succesful campaign with massive and effective use of the Internet. TechCrunch writes about the future prospects of a continuous dialog with the population -- and why not the entirel world. Yestarday I learned that he will publish his popular speaches as podcasts on YouTube.

Is Obama Ready To Be A Two-Way President?: "But let’s examine the election another way, one that may bring to life a different picture of how Obama earned his place in history. His campaign both redrew political lines and also forever changed the way candidates reach out to constituents.

Online tools such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter contributed to the netting of record-breaking campaign funding and the staggering galvanization of a younger generation of first-time voters who truly made an impact and a difference. The Obama campaign, for example, outspent McCain nearly three-to-one, which was a testament to the capabilities of technology and the corresponding impact of sociology …

Random Sarah » Blog Archive » Generation Wh-Y Does it Matter?

Here are some good points. I write from a baby boomer, post-war perspective and I know numerous people who are double or triple the age of Y-generation youngsters but with lots of activities online. We're probably a minority but I don't care. Being online brings bread to the table and makes it easier to manage national and global projects. It's not age but the functionality, ease of usen and freedom that keeps me online. Addicted, maybe, but I don't need to travel 150 days a year to do my job. Internet is my work horse taking me to places and destinations important for my work.

Random Sarah » Blog Archive » Generation Wh-Y Does it Matter?: "When I first started making videos and blogging a lot of my friends seemed worried. “What happens when you want to find a job, your employers are going to see this!” I answered, “I SURE HOPE SO!” What I do online speaks for me, but it speaks in a good way! I know that I have managed my digital life well and in a way that will on…

Grow Your Biz: A blog about end to end solutions that help you grow in the graphic communications industry. - Its what makes you different that makes you tweet!

Gord Weisflock's Posts
Gord Weisflock Marketing and Business Development Manager - Asia Pacific Region Shanghai, China
Grow Your Biz: A blog about end to end solutions that help you grow in the graphic communications industry. - Its what makes you different that makes you tweet!: "Its what makes you different that makes you tweet!

Does your company make use of social networking sites like Ning, Twitter, Pownce, Facebook or Plurk?

Strange names, but wasn't Google and Yahoo odd sounding not too long ago?...

Social networking sites are beginning to get better at making themselves relevant to the business world and some businesses are starting to realize it's a productive tool if used properly.

Recently, I relocated to Shanghai and what can I tell you, I don't speak mandarin, I don't know anyone here, I cant drive in China... so how do I network? How do I create awareness and demand? do I work!?

To start, I have made an effort to reach out to the …

Obama Team Weighs What to Take On in First Months -

There will be a lot of work to be done before the inauguration day. The US Car industry is in immediate need for both attention, fresh money, and there is a need for completely new products. The structural changes are going to be huge and the risks are not minimal either.

Obama Team Weighs What to Take On in First Months - "Mr. Obama repeated on Saturday that his first priority would be an economic recovery program to get the nation’s business system back on track and people back to work. But advisers said the question was whether they could tackle health care, climate change and energy independence at once or needed to stagger these initiatives over time."

The debate between a big-bang strategy of pressing aggressively on multiple fronts versus a more pragmatic, step-by-step approach has flavored the discussion among Mr. Obama’s transition advisers for months, even before his election. The tension between these strategies has been a recurring theme in the memoran…

Obamanomics - Mergers, Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds -- DealBook - New York Times

The distinction between Wall Street and Main Street is interesting. In other words, "the bubble economy" or "the real economy".

Obamanomics - Mergers, Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds -- DealBook - New York Times: "Barack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States on Tuesday, sweeping away the last racial barrier in American politics with ease as the country chose him as its first black chief executive.

In his victory speech, Mr. Obama returned to the subject of the current financial crisis, a central theme in his campaign against Republican challenger John McCain. He again suggested that Wall Street’s fortunes have strayed too far from the rest of the country’s.

“Let us remember that if the financial crisis has taught us anything, it’s that we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers,” he said in his speech Tuesday night. “In this country, we rise or fall as one nation, as one people.”

As DealBook pointed out i…

The USA Presidential Election 2008

Slush Helsinki November 24th 2008

I learned about Slush Helsinki from Janne Saarikko. He told that there is an active startup discussion going on at the Slush events. That's great to know. How about smaller towns and villages? Slush serves the "metropolitan" startup scene.

Slush Helsinki November 24th 2008: "Have an idea for a startup business?

If you think you have a great idea and you are brave enough to test your idea, we can help. We aim to choose up to seven teams with potential ideas for a successful startup and give them money to work on their project on summer 2009. Since we aim to fund eventually seven ideas we call it Slush Seven. Our hope is that we can give 6 000 euro to each team.

At the end of the day the number of teams we can choose depends on how successful the event will turn out to be. We are not looking into making any profit from the event and all the organizers work for free to make the Slush event happen. We will channel all the remaining money after expenses have been covered to…

Creativity don't care about economic downturns

“Creativity doesn’t care about economic downturns,” Mr. Lieberman a serial entrepreneur says. “In the middle of the 1970s, when we were having a big economic downturn, both Apple and Microsoft were founded. Creative people don’t care about the time or the season or the state of the economy; they just go out and do their thing.”

Source: Read more from New York Times.

"Wild market gyrations, frozen credit markets and an overall sour economy herald a new round of corporate belt-tightening. Foremost on the target list is anything inefficient. That’s bad news for corporate innovation, and it could spell trouble for years to come, even after the economy turns around," writes JANET RAE-DUPREE November 1, 2008 in New York Times .