AMC » Mad Men - Trudy Campbell

I've a new Twitte friend from AMC - Trudy Campbell. I like the style of AMC. The company has been around for a long time. I don't know. Should dig in the content to learn more.

AMC » Mad Men - Trudy Campbell: "Trudy Campbell is married to Pete Campbell, an Account Executive at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency. The two live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in a Park Avenue apartment. Her father, a salesman for Vicks Chemical, helped her husband get the Clearasil account for Sterling Cooper. Trudy herself tried to help Pete with his literary aspirations by speaking with an ex-boyfriend in the publishing industry. Her actions on Pete's behalf secured his short story a place in Boys' Life. Trudy's inability to get pregnant and Pete's ambivalence about becoming a parent cause her anxiety."
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