The BFF: Wake up call to Microsoft: Buy 'all' of Yahoo

I got this information through Twitter. The MS and Yahoo merger discussions might start again and this time the price tag is going to be much less than during the first round. Don Crowly writes about it. He suggests that MS should buy the whole thing. What is your opinion?

The BFF: Wake up call to Microsoft: Buy 'all' of Yahoo: "The BFF
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  • Sunday, November 30, 2008
  • Wake up call to Microsoft: Buy 'all' of Yahoo

RRWs a new post about Microsoft maybe making a move for Yahoo search. This is a saga not a story. I have stated here often enough that MS buying Yahoo would be a great move. But this deal is totally useless. If Yahoo were to sell search to MS it would make Yahoo meaningless. The rest on it's own does not have enough traction to make waves. But buy all of Yahoo and you have an incredible presence on the web. Microsoft needs Yahoo's advertising arm, their Flickr, the yahoo homepage,, fireeagle and a host of other gems that Yahoo has. A total buyout will create a very good second best to Google. Buy just search and it will grab search market share, but Microsoft really needs a super brand on the web. Yahoo is that brand. Integrate it with what Microsoft wants to do on the next web and it has every chance of being awesome. But you will of course need people who really believe in this to make it happen. What is important to know is that is really possible."
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